New Year, More Patient Me

New Year, More Patient Me

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of the New Year making promises to ourselves that we know damn well we can’t keep. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed when everyone else around you is jumping on the “New Year, New Me” bandwagon. I’ve got a slew of projects and goals lined up, and planning more. Overwhelmed might be an understatement.

So instead of melting down a week later and chucking it all, I’m going to simplify. Take one thing at a time, break it down into baby steps, and start chiseling away. The one constant that I begin each year with is to continually progress as a parent.

The thing most parents tend to need an endless supply of, whether parenting a special needs child or not, is patience. Kids, they test our patience, am I right?! And when they do, we don’t always have the best response. In fact, a lot of times we don’t. And that’s completely ok because we are human after all, and our kids need to know that we have limits too, being pressed as adults, workers, caregivers, bill payers, taxi drivers, poop handlers, and on and on.

I *might* have thrown a toy or two across the room in frustration after all patience has been lost. I *might* have yelled and cried when finding that my child once again has messed her bed or continued to do the thing that I’ve begged him not to do 80 times. I *might* have locked myself in the bathroom while they are both simultaneously melting down with no end in sight. Yeah, you guys know, we’ve all been there. But you know you just pick yourself up and handle the s%#! and things end up ok. So I’ve come up with a baby step to help me in those dire moments that might help you too.

It’s not anything new really, just something I really want to stick to doing that will help me to do that New Year’s promise of being a better parent. When I feel my pressure cooker heating up, and I want to lose it, I’ve decided to stop and take 3 long deep breaths. I don’t really have to respond to the “thing” right then, I absolutely have a few seconds to do this. Then when that is done, I will deal with the muck, whatever it is, with a more level head than when I started. It’s possible that the event might be so bad that I may still over react, but I can guarantee, it WILL help.

Honestly I’m going to start doing this before I go to tackle anything challenging in life. Deep breathing has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress levels. It affects the brain, the neurons, making connections to bring about a state of peace.

It’s science peeps. Yogis have known about this since forever, see how chill they are? Exactly. So even though I have a bunch of stuff I would like to accomplish this year, if I only can make progress with that, then I’m good.

Maybe you would like to give it a try too? It’s free, quick, easy, and you don’t have to give up chocolate for the New Year to do it. Hope you all find the peace you seek in 2018!

Love to everyone,

Meredith (Bird)



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Meredith Myers, also known as Bird, is a mama to two beautiful spawnlings, a boy and a girl, both of which are non-speaking Autistics. She is a homeschooler, a rule breaker, a writer, a gamer, and the Queen of Sass, Caffeine, and Cuss Words. Feel free to contact her on her blog, Bird is the Word, as well as on twitter. Her daughter also uses assisted writing to blog! You can find her at Love is All You Need.

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