IEP / 504

Choosing What's Best, Not What's Easy

My daughter is an artist. She pairs clothing based on rules I can’t discern, garnering compliments from style-savvy people. She makes jewelry and crafts out of tidbits she finds―pebbles, old pencils, buttons, bolts, those little plastic pom-pom streamers from a child’s bicycle handle―things others overlook as trash. Last summer, as she prepared to go to middle school, I wanted to honor the art in her, [...]

IEP Round 6

Last night was quite possibly the first time I geared up fully for an IEP. I’ve walked into IEPs in the past with notebook in hand, a copy of the most recent IEP and an idea of what we would be discussing, what questions I wanted to ask and a general distrust for our son’s SSN teacher...only because I distrust most everyone. This time is [...]

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