Making the Decision to Homeschool

Like I mentioned in my previous post about virtual schools, it just wasn’t an option that was ever on our radar.  My husband and I both work full time and neither of us had any significant challenges in the public school system so we just assumed that our kids would attend as well.  Ah the assumptions we make before we become special needs parents… My [...]

Virtual Schools as Another Homeschooling Option

My husband and I had never ever in a million years planned to homeschool our children.  Our reasons were simple: we knew little about curriculums, knew even less about what children should learn at each grade level, and we both work full time.  Then special needs struck and we found ourselves with a child who was always playing catch up or dealing with the school’s [...]

Homeschooling and Special Needs

I’m often asked why we decided to homeschool our daughter. The truth is, we were already homeschooling when we realized we have a child with special needs. It’s not that the needs weren't there; it’s just that we were in denial. (That’s a story for another time.) When my husband and I finally admitted that we were dealing with a special needs situation, we were [...]

Are You Ready to Homeschool

The first time I heard of homeschooling my first reaction was “Why on earth would you want to deprive your child of the school experience.” It was the mid 80’s a time of big hair, shoulder pads, the pursuit of materialism and the idea of keeping my child at home to school was crazy. I was a working Mom. Yet within ten years I would [...]

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