Making the Decision to Homeschool

Like I mentioned in my previous post about virtual schools, it just wasn’t an option that was ever on our radar.  My husband and I both work full time and neither of us had any significant challenges in the public school system so we just assumed that our kids would attend as well.  Ah the assumptions we make before we become special needs parents… My [...]

Choosing What's Best, Not What's Easy

My daughter is an artist. She pairs clothing based on rules I can’t discern, garnering compliments from style-savvy people. She makes jewelry and crafts out of tidbits she finds―pebbles, old pencils, buttons, bolts, those little plastic pom-pom streamers from a child’s bicycle handle―things others overlook as trash. Last summer, as she prepared to go to middle school, I wanted to honor the art in her, [...]

Virtual Schools as Another Homeschooling Option

My husband and I had never ever in a million years planned to homeschool our children.  Our reasons were simple: we knew little about curriculums, knew even less about what children should learn at each grade level, and we both work full time.  Then special needs struck and we found ourselves with a child who was always playing catch up or dealing with the school’s [...]

Homeschooling and Special Needs

I’m often asked why we decided to homeschool our daughter. The truth is, we were already homeschooling when we realized we have a child with special needs. It’s not that the needs weren't there; it’s just that we were in denial. (That’s a story for another time.) When my husband and I finally admitted that we were dealing with a special needs situation, we were [...]

Transitioning Ideas For a Smoother Start To A School Year

When someone says the word transition, many people immediately think of the time when their children will be done with their schooling for grades K-12 and looking at their next step of life, but in truth transitions occurs every year.  For many it can occur with any change of a schedule or new teacher or therapist or for others transitions can be just at the beginning [...]

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School and the Special Needs Parent – 7 Tips To Stay Involved

Parents of children with special health care needs often feel harried and rushed. A typical student goes to school and comes home.  Completes the homework if there is any, and all is well.  This is often not the case with children that have special health care needs.   Couple that with the IEP process that can be overwhelming and any parent can feel put off by [...]

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Tip: Introduction Letters to Your Special Needs Child's Teacher

If your child has special needs of any kind, you are probably familiar with IEPs or 504s.  They present a tidy clinical picture of who a child is as a learner, with the primary focus being on the child’s weaknesses and goals for the upcoming school year.  When I started to think about all of the assessments, evaluations, summaries, and other clinical documentation that my [...]

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Tips for Preparing Your Child for the End of the School Year

It is hard to believe that this school year is almost over and that summer is just around the corner! Having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders, also known as ASD, is a daily reminder that he depends on a routine. I am constantly aware of when our schedule might be changing. I do my best to prepare my family in advance for any changes [...]

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Teacher's Gifts Ideas

It’s that time of year again and I am here to give you some *awesome* suggestions for those end-of-the-year-last-minute-thought teacher gifts. Let’s not forget that the classroom teacher is not the only one involved in our children’s lives, so start making your teacher/team member list now! For instance, I would list my son’s classroom teacher, his art teacher, gym teacher, computer teacher, P.E. teacher, speech [...]

When Primary Immune Deficiencies Affect Your Student at School

Ironically, since the recent posts on Primary Immune Deficiency, we have discovered that our youngest son's preschool class has a student diagnosed with PID.  Now this is something that effects everyone.  Should I be on the fence of whether my son is 'possibly' coming down with something or is just tired and cranky, I am asked to keep my child home.  Could you imagine how [...]

A Challenge for Black History Month

As the Mom of a non-verbal child who has very limited communication, I work hard to make sure he gets the education he deserves. Over the years I have worried that he has a question I have failed to answer. I try to think what would he ask, something like “Who invented the traffic light?” I don’t know if he ever thought about that or [...]

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Thank A Teacher Day – Saying "Thank You"

Dear Ms. L, Ms. B, Mr. M, Ms. P, Ms. K; Mr. C, Ms. Barb, Ms. D, Ms. J, Ms. M, Ms. S and well… everyone at my children’s school: Today is Thank a Teacher Day. A day brought about by the tragedy at Sandy Brook Elementary on Friday, December 14, 2012. Thanking a Teacher is a way of celebrating all those who were lost [...]

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There's No Connection Between Autism and Planned Violent Behavior – A Letter to the Community

So much is being felt, said, and thought about the shooting in Connecticut, I will be sharing my thoughts later, but for now, I wanted to address Autism and Asperger’s as a part of the conversation. I’ve thought of a number of ways to respond to the fear that this will likely provoke, but this letter, written by @Jillsmo says it well. • Dear (School [...]

Fluorescent Lighting Hurts, Yet It's in Our Schools… My Mini Soapbox Rant

If you don’t mind, I’m going to spill a quick rant and stand on a mini soapbox.  Why?  Because the subject seems painfully obvious to me, and I’m not the smartest person making rules around here. Fluorescent lighting. Schools. Duh. Really… how is it that the educational system, the school districts that be, the decision makers, building designers and anyone who has a say, have [...]

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Are You Ready to Homeschool

The first time I heard of homeschooling my first reaction was “Why on earth would you want to deprive your child of the school experience.” It was the mid 80’s a time of big hair, shoulder pads, the pursuit of materialism and the idea of keeping my child at home to school was crazy. I was a working Mom. Yet within ten years I would [...]

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IEP Round 6

Last night was quite possibly the first time I geared up fully for an IEP. I’ve walked into IEPs in the past with notebook in hand, a copy of the most recent IEP and an idea of what we would be discussing, what questions I wanted to ask and a general distrust for our son’s SSN teacher...only because I distrust most everyone. This time is [...]

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