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In-Sync Activity Cards – A Product Review

If you have ever read anything in the In-Sync series and wondered how you could implement similar ideas at home, these activity cards are perfect for you. These activity cards were developed by Joye Newman and Carol Kranowitz.  Newman has a Master of Arts degree from George Washington University in Education and Human Development with a specialty in Perceptual Motor Development.  In addition to significant [...]

TOP 15+ Gift Guides You Should NOT Overlook

You’re hearing about Gift Guides, but you’re wondering, what are Gift Guides? Well, think of an online magazine full of fun and unique items for your family and friends! Then, who makes Gift Guides ?  Gift Guides are created by wonderfully informed bloggers who pay attention to what’s out there. Most of the items they list are ones that they’ve tested, reviewed or had direct experience [...]

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Special Bikes for Special Kids – The Great Bike GIVEAWAY presented by The Friendship Circle

Many children with special needs require an adaptive bike to enjoy the freedom and fun of bike riding. Unfortunately many parents are unable to afford an adaptive bike. Here is your chance to win a free adaptive bike! Friendship Circle of Michigan has partnered with adaptive bicycle companies to give 18 children with special needs a free adaptive bicycle in a contest called "The Great [...]

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28 Insant Songames (CD): A Review

Sing Song games are fun and exhilarating. Kids can’t help but to be happy, learning words, moving their bodies through involvement with the songs. But when your child has special needs that includes a developmental delay, language difficulties, etc., quick participation and timing can bring about frustration in competition to sing just the right words at just the right time. Participation in the usual rite [...]

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Danceland (CD): A Review

It’s no secret that kids like music. Music calms, it invites, it spreads happiness across their faces and sours it through their bodies. Deciding which music to fill the ears of your children with can be a wrestling match. Do you listen to the music you prefer, with lyrics that may be inappropriate? Or listen to the child-friendly high pitched jingles that torture your mind [...]