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Military Families: Navigating the SNAP Process

Military special needs parenting can be a complicated, stressful, and demanding lifestyle. However, reaching out to utilize the available resources, support, advice, and tips available can make the difference between a successful, resilient, happy family and an overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed household. "We need to SNAP your daughter."  WHAT? I had no clue what that meant when the Child Development Center (CDC) mentioned it to [...]

What Every Parent Should Know About Child Protective Services

It only takes one prying neighbor, one misunderstood melt down in the middle of Walmart for a parent to be suspected to child abuse, or neglect. Yes, it happened to me once too while on vacation. So what should parents know about CPS and how do you protect yourself and your child should you find yourself being questioned? In a nut shell are eight facts. [...]