123TokenMe (Pro) – An App Review

When I received the request to review 123TokenMe Pro (by I must admit that I wondered why I needed an app to replace my good ole fashion sticker reward chart.  I’d go so far as to say I was even skeptical.  The app quickly showed me several solid reasons why this was better than any paper chart system that I have ever used.  The [...]

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Sentence Builder – Reviewing an App from AbiTalk

Sentence Builder App is a great educational app by Abitalk Incorporated that allows the user to learn to build a basic sentence from the ground up. The app is designed for kids age 4-7 and aptly so, but doesn’t have to be limited to just those ages in my opinion. This is really a universal app that can be greatly utilized in any situation that would [...]

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Christmas Phonics – Reviewing an App from AbiTalk

Recently I had a chance to use the AbiTalk Christmas Phonics app with my kids, and wanted to share it here. I found the Christmas Phonics app to be appropriate for any beginning or pre-reader who is learning single letter sounds. Over holiday breaks we are often looking for fun but educational ways to keep our 6 year old son with autism engaged.  He is [...]

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My Little Pony – Their Favorite App from Ruckus Media Group

The importance of iPads are not lost on the special needs community.  It has allowed the silent to speak, interpretation to become succinct and learning to flourish.  Many educators, therapists and parents (myself included) have found themselves in awe of the intelligence that shines through from our otherwise presumably foggy children.  Watching my son navigate an iPad or even our Mac has surprised me.  As [...]

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