The Parent’s Guide to the Medical World of Autism by Dr. Edward Aull

I recently had the opportunity to review The Parent’s Guide to the Medical World of Autism by Dr. Edward Aull.  Dr. Aull is a behavioral pediatrician who has been diagnosing and treating patients with autism spectrum disorders for more than 30 years. Published in 2013 Dr. Aull acknowledged the new DSM-5 criteria but chose to continue using the DSM-IV terminology because he felt it was [...]

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Thinking about YOU, Thinking about ME by Social Thinking

I was fortunate to receive a copy of one of the latest books from Social Thinking, Thinking about YOU, Thinking about ME.  I'm not going to lie, the book is huge!  As it should be considering the depth of information it provides.  As thrilled as I was to get it, a few flips of the pages gave me an idea.  The idea, pass it along [...]

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Military Families: Navigating the SNAP Process

Military special needs parenting can be a complicated, stressful, and demanding lifestyle. However, reaching out to utilize the available resources, support, advice, and tips available can make the difference between a successful, resilient, happy family and an overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed household. "We need to SNAP your daughter."  WHAT? I had no clue what that meant when the Child Development Center (CDC) mentioned it to [...]

What Every Parent Should Know About Child Protective Services

It only takes one prying neighbor, one misunderstood melt down in the middle of Walmart for a parent to be suspected to child abuse, or neglect. Yes, it happened to me once too while on vacation. So what should parents know about CPS and how do you protect yourself and your child should you find yourself being questioned? In a nut shell are eight facts. [...]

Seeing Ezra by Kerry Cohen – A Book Review

I have read many stories written by parents, describing their journey through Autism with their child, but none from quite the perspective that this book is written. Seeing Ezra: A Mother’s Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of Normal, written by Kerry Cohen, is one of the most honest books on the subject that I have read. In the book, Kerry writes about [...]

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123TokenMe (Pro) – An App Review

When I received the request to review 123TokenMe Pro (by I must admit that I wondered why I needed an app to replace my good ole fashion sticker reward chart.  I’d go so far as to say I was even skeptical.  The app quickly showed me several solid reasons why this was better than any paper chart system that I have ever used.  The [...]

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Special Diets for Special Kids by Lisa Lewis, Ph.D. – A Book Review

One commonality throughout most GFCF cookbooks is the lack of completeness. Though they may be full of recipes (good or bad) they will still leave lingering holes in your understanding / consideration of the GFCF diet and many other diets. Research. Alternatives. Why groups of people need specific diets, and the presentation of help in understanding that is the largest realm untouched requiring you to [...]

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In-Sync Activity Cards – A Product Review

If you have ever read anything in the In-Sync series and wondered how you could implement similar ideas at home, these activity cards are perfect for you. These activity cards were developed by Joye Newman and Carol Kranowitz.  Newman has a Master of Arts degree from George Washington University in Education and Human Development with a specialty in Perceptual Motor Development.  In addition to significant [...]

Sentence Builder – Reviewing an App from AbiTalk

Sentence Builder App is a great educational app by Abitalk Incorporated that allows the user to learn to build a basic sentence from the ground up. The app is designed for kids age 4-7 and aptly so, but doesn’t have to be limited to just those ages in my opinion. This is really a universal app that can be greatly utilized in any situation that would [...]

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Christmas Phonics – Reviewing an App from AbiTalk

Recently I had a chance to use the AbiTalk Christmas Phonics app with my kids, and wanted to share it here. I found the Christmas Phonics app to be appropriate for any beginning or pre-reader who is learning single letter sounds. Over holiday breaks we are often looking for fun but educational ways to keep our 6 year old son with autism engaged.  He is [...]

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TOP 15+ Gift Guides You Should NOT Overlook

You’re hearing about Gift Guides, but you’re wondering, what are Gift Guides? Well, think of an online magazine full of fun and unique items for your family and friends! Then, who makes Gift Guides ?  Gift Guides are created by wonderfully informed bloggers who pay attention to what’s out there. Most of the items they list are ones that they’ve tested, reviewed or had direct experience [...]

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Developing Leisure Time Skills For Persons With Autism

Structured Playtime Activities with Valuable Support Strategies for Adult is written by Phyllis Coyne, Colleen Nyberg and Mary Lou Vandenburg This is a review of the book that's worth the read before you decide to buy: The first thing to be aware of, when attempting to absorb information and instruction from this book, is that this book is better used as a reference manual rather [...]

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Visual Techniques For Developing Social Skills by Rebecca Moyes – A Book Review

Though designed with teachers in mind, Visual Techniques For Developing Social Skills, by Rebecca Moyes, MEd, is a valuable tool for for many, not the least of which being parents. This book is packed full of activities and lesson plans targeting children with high functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome. The first thing that I love about this book is how it is split up into [...]

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Top 10 Books Dedicated to Sensory Processing Disorder

October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month, so let’s line up some great reading for you and / or your child.  Here is my list of the... Ellie Bean the Drama Queen …Maybe people passing say. Unruly, spoiled, lover of attention, screamer for no reason rather than play. A book about a little girl who twirls and twirls and twirls, and has tags in her shirt [...]

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Asperger's Autism and Girls: A Review

Asperger's autism and Girls: A reviewContributed by Cheryl Bailey This DVD is a must have for anyone who works with or teaches girls. You don’t have to consciously know you are on the look for a girl on the spectrum, in today’s world the odds are you already know her. Dr. Tony Attwood presents hundreds of real life cases and glimpses into true stories about [...]

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A Good and Perfect Gift – A Book Review

Amy Julia Becker takes the reader on the deeply personal journal of giving birth to her first child, a daughter who to their surprise has Down Syndrome. A strong Christian, with an equally well educated and devout husband, Amy finds herself in shock over her daughters disability and unsure of what the future will hold for her family. Deep questions of faith and understanding transpire [...]

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Special Bikes for Special Kids – The Great Bike GIVEAWAY presented by The Friendship Circle

Many children with special needs require an adaptive bike to enjoy the freedom and fun of bike riding. Unfortunately many parents are unable to afford an adaptive bike. Here is your chance to win a free adaptive bike! Friendship Circle of Michigan has partnered with adaptive bicycle companies to give 18 children with special needs a free adaptive bicycle in a contest called "The Great [...]

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My Little Pony – Their Favorite App from Ruckus Media Group

The importance of iPads are not lost on the special needs community.  It has allowed the silent to speak, interpretation to become succinct and learning to flourish.  Many educators, therapists and parents (myself included) have found themselves in awe of the intelligence that shines through from our otherwise presumably foggy children.  Watching my son navigate an iPad or even our Mac has surprised me.  As [...]

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"Step Ahead of Autism" by Anne Moore Burnett – A Book Review

Looking back at the diagnosis of your child with Autism, it may feel like a whirlwind; it does for me. Maybe you took meticulous notes. Possibly it was suggested to you even though you had suspicions. Likely, you had a very good idea of what was happening and started making the moves towards getting your child whatever therapies he could benefit from. We know of [...]

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"What I Wish I'd Known About Raising a Child with Autism" by B. Sheahan and K. DeOrnellas : A Book Review

“…it dawned on me that this was a microcosm of parenting her. Everything that we do with our children is complicated by the labyrinth that we must navigate simply to reach them. Some days, they are just gonna have wet hair. Other days, they’ll conk their heads on the floor and we are powerless to stop them. Sometimes, we just have to laugh with them [...]

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