Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors – Common Symptoms, Diagnosis and Life After

There are a few things we hear that strike fear deep in our heats, and the words, "You have a brain tumor" is one such statement.  What most of us don't know, is that a brain tumor does not necessary mean a death sentence, nor all are brain tumors malignant.  Some individuals have lived long lives with brain tumors in place.  Others had faced surgery [...]

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Meningioma Brain Tumor Survivor, Author and Founder Meningioma Mommas, Liz Holzemer

We know our bodies better than anyone and are our own best advocates. This is especially true for women who wear so many hats and put themselves on the backburner. We need to change our thinking and give ourselves permission to put ourselves at the top of our never ending “TO DO” lists. That’s not being selfish; it’s ensuring we’re taking care of ourselves. Otherwise, [...]