Teal is the New Orange for Halloween

Who does not love an excuse to have fun with your child, go to a party or say, trick or treat as you visit your neighborhood. If you are an allergy parent events and days like this strike fear in your heart, here we go again, foods that for Jill and Joe are safe, but for your little one, can cause a life threatening reaction. [...]

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Water Game for Kids – A Fun and Easy Way to Increase Your Child's Water Intake

The following post is brought has been sponsored by Nutrisystem. There’s no doubt, it’s summer. For some that means swimming in the pool, running through sprinklers, maybe a water balloon fight, or at bear minimum, running your head under some water to cool off. Water play coincides with summer, enough said. But what about water intake? I think it’s fair to say that we can [...]

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Nutrition Awareness Month – Comments from the Food Police

My friends call me the food police.  I am not offended, I am proud; I did not come to this status in life easy. It was only after having John that I really understood the connection between food, health, mood and long term care for the one and only body we will ever have. I was blessed my formative years were pure foods only.  I [...]

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