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Easter Help in a Allergy World

I see a Robin, I see butter cups, I see Easter baskets in the grocery stores.  NO!  Nothing strikes terror in a Mom's heart as quickly as realizing another holiday with candy is upon us.  If your child has dietary restriction or you choose to avoid certain additives in foods, you know what a battle it is when little Johnny Jumper gets sent home from [...]

Comfort Food – Making Gluten Free Pasta

It's cold in Mississippi, the kind of cold we aren't use to seeing, and I am stuck in the house. When I am house bound due to cold, I cook.  I cook because the heat from the oven helps to warm my home and I cook because, well, we are comfort food kind of people.  One of the issues with living gluten free is pasta.  [...]

Bird's Blueberry Banana Bread

I’m the type of person who loves blueberries in things, but I don’t just get them and eat them solo. I buy them to throw them into the crisper to wilt or I bag them into the freezer to collect frostbite. I would love them in a pie, but I never have enough to do so. Along came my friend Mara (thanks girl) with this [...]

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Bird's Fried Green Tomatoes

Oh my one of my very favorite things about the spring is Green Tomatoes!! I’m serious here, hardly anything better than a Fried Green Tomato, am I right?! Now don’t get all intimidated on me now, they are super simple to make, and I know, I know they’re fried, but they are still a veggie and that counts for something! Enjoy them anyways, just don’t [...]

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Super Yummy Muffin Cookies Recipe

Today I wanted to share with you my not-quite-famous-yet Super Yummy Muffin Cookies recipe. Healthy? Um….no, probably not. Nutritious? Sure…as long as you haven’t had your daily sugar allotment yet. Yummy? Of course!!! Now it’s no secret that the kitchen and I do not see eye-to-eye most of the time. (With as much time as I spend in there, making meals, attempting recipes, and cleaning [...]

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Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake

There's not a lot of things that say Happy Saint Patrick's Day like this disturbingly green, sinfully rich, made from scratch, completely delectable, cheesecake filled green velvet cake. Based on a red velvet cake adapted by my hero, Recipe Girl , this cake will amp up the Irish of any St. Patrick's Day dinner. If you are a red velvet cake fan, you will love this [...]

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Bird's Basil Pesto

With Spring approaching, I know many of you will have your herb gardens well underway, and I have a great recipe for just that: Pesto! Pesto is a commonly forgotten sauce that is really much easier to make than most might think. It is a very versatile sauce which can be made with a very wide variety of ingredients and in very little time. Basil [...]

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Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

I see more and more people these days switching to a Vegetarian diet, most notably because of an increased awareness of what it is they are consuming daily. Many people have chosen Vegetarianism because of a compassion for animals, some to receive the many health benefits of such a diet, and others to simply lighten their grocery bill. With that in mind, when I was [...]

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Easiest Hot Chocolate EVER

Happy Valentine’s Day to All! Doesn’t LOVE make the world a better place? Ok, I know this day is a Hallmark holiday fest filled with over priced cards, stuffed animals and copious amounts of candy, BUT it’s also a day in which we can slow down, in fact stop, and say I LOVE YOU! We all get busy, let’s just face that, too busy to [...]

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Ranch Dressing for the New Year

So we have all had our fill of cookies, candies, and other naughty holiday dishes and we’re all ready for a fresh healthy start, right? It’s a brand new year, let’s start it off right by bringing those salads and veggies back to your plate in a big way with:  Ranch. Dressing. It’s a glorious thing isn’t it? RANCH. Not only is it great on [...]

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Cheesy Potato Soup

Winter is here, cold, chapped, cracking, super happy fun time. No really I love winter, it’s such a refreshing change, beautiful to see all of nature go to sleep for a little while, to come back more beautiful than ever in the spring. Winter brings many great things with it, most importantly the excuse to make a nice hot bowl of soup, Ahh yes. I [...]

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – GFCF !

A Short Dissertation on How Chocolate is Essential to Life & GFCF Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies In this post I plan to outline how important chocolate is to my daily survival. I am a mother, I am exhausted, cookies are good, these cookies have chocolate in them, chocolate is delicious, chocolate helps our brain to release the happy neurotransmitters  that increase endorphin and serotonin levels [...]

Iced Pumpkin Walnut Cookies

I Heart Fall and it’s Iced Walnut Pumpkin Cookies! I think it’s about time we start rolling out the cookie recipes and forgetting those extra pounds we wanted to lose for the summer that is long past, whaddya say? That’s what I thought, so pull out the sweatpants, crank up the oven and here goes a good one: ICED WALNUT PUMPKIN COOKIES. Yep. Yesss. I [...]

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Oh My! Peanut Butter Pie

Oh. My. One day, pretty far into what I would consider my ‘adult life’, I realized, “Whatever happened to the Peanut Butter Pie?!” I grew up in the South where this is a common place dessert, but I had later moved up North where seemingly it was nowhere to be found so thus I had completely forgotten about it. I needed to address this serious [...]

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GFCF Pizza

When I think back on the day when I began this journey into gluten free baking….and those awful pizza dough recipes, inedible creations…ok eeww. Along the way I did manage to find a GF pizza crust mix that saved my life, but I didn’t want to have to rely on a packaged mix because imagine if they didn’t have it in stock at the store.. [...]

Bird's Southwest Migas

Southwest Migas I say southwest because traditionally migas are a Spanish dish originating in Spain and Portugal that is completely different than the version shown here, and there is your history lesson for today. Southwest migas are really just like if enchiladas and eggs came together and had a little baby, minus the red sauce. It is a great alternative to just plain ol’ eggs [...]

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Bird's Salsa Recipe

Contributed by Meredith Myers Salsa is that wonderful condiment that so many of us have grown to love, yet many still settle for that jar of gnarly that is labeled ‘salsa’ that resides on the shelf at the grocery store. No folks, that is NOT salsa and once you’ve made my version, you will agree and it will ruin all jarred salsas for you. I [...]

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King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix – A Review

One of the trickiest replacements in the gluten free world is finding a good quick and easy pizza crust. Our family has made and eaten the King Arthur Flour Glutenfree Pizza Crust Mix and here is what we have to say. It is imperative that you follow the instructions carefully. Two points to watch out for are one, adding the flour into the mixing bowl [...]

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GFCF Chocolate Granola

Contributed by Meredith Myers GFCF Chocolate Granola, it needed to be done So I asked myself one day, “Why don’t I make granola, ever?” I’ve never really tried, everyone boasts about it being easy and all that. So I went trolling around the internet reading, taking notes to develop my own granola with all the good stuff in it that I like with none of [...]

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King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix – A Review

Oh that lazy Saturday morning when Mom makes stacks of pancakes dripping with fresh creamy butter and warm maple syrup. What could be better, but if you or someone in your family is now gluten free, you might think these days are long behind you. It does not have to be with a good replacement pancake mix. Finding one you like and that serves enough [...]

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