Time Together

Planning "Sensory-Friendly" Family Time That Everyone Will Enjoy

The first thing you should do when planning quality, sensory-friendly family time is to make a list of the various types of entertainment that your family will enjoy doing together such as games, movies and family outings. Only include activities that everyone in the family will participate in. The easiest way to do this is to have each family member make their own list of [...]

Mom Guilt Moment

I experienced a huge “mom-guilt trip” the other day. Our 7yo (Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum) (J) and 5yo(A) both had a field trip to a community theater production. At the same time. On the same day. Hubs couldn’t chaperone, but I could, so I did. And I went A’s Kindergarten class, instead of our son’s first grade class(even though he sometimes needs some [...]

Yoga For Children with Special Needs

  That graphic says it all, but in case you want more... I was fortunate to receive a complimentary copy of the DVD, Yoga for Children with Special Needs, presented by Rachel Hunter and Future Horizons, Inc.  While I was thrilled, I also had a voice inside telling me... what are you thinking!?!?!  J has moderate cerebral palsy and since his brain surgery has been [...]

A View in the Mirror : Turning 21

Years ago I came to terms with all the milestone events John would never know.   Going to kindergarten graduation. Grade school and after school church choir. Oh the joy of once a week seeing the church van pull up at school to whisk away you and your friends to church for a couple of parent free fun hours.  Little league. Middle school and basket ball, [...]

To Ride or Not To Ride: Amusement Parks and Special Needs

I first read the article about the amusement park, then watched the attached video of the child who melted down at the amusement park.  The video explains that the child could not understand or rather process the information that they would have to wait to ride.  The video further explained that due to policy changes at the park, the once easy on and off this [...]

Worst Play Date Experience… Or Was It?

J’s worst ‘playdate’ experience was probably also the best. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember what happened three years ago, but I do. It changed our perspective, our lives. See, back before he had any official diagnosis, we would just chalk J’s screaming up to his speech delay. Sure, some days were worse than others, but we just couldn’t seem to get a handle on [...]

As a Special Needs Parent, Why I don't Look Up in a Public Restroom

I had occasion for a family outing yesterday. It was absolutely perfect. Seriously, couldn’t have ever asked for better. But I noticed something about myself. Part of our outing included the feeding of the sting rays. It was amazing. Not only because the kids were wanting to touch the sting rays, but because J wanted to touch the sting rays… he never wants to do [...]

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10 Tips for Successful Summer Adventures with Your Special Needs Child

Summer is upon us. If your family is anything like mine, subtract the home remodeling insanity that couldn’t end any faster than if it ended yesterday, this summer is not going so smoothly. When it began I had high hopes of play dates for my neurotypical kiddos while managing my special one. I haven’t had many of those, but with one month left filled with [...]

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How Do I Describe The Zoo On *This* Day?

  No peacocks were harmed on this day, though I can say for certain that our family’s outlook on visiting the zoo has certainly been damaged. I’m left pondering if it’s having a family with special needs, having 3 young children, being in a medication change, on a fall break or being worn down from years of ‘the struggle’. Photo Credit: © Josephine MacDonagh [...]