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The Calm in the Storm

Parenting a child with special needs is drama. Constant, never-ending drama. Occasionally, you’ll get what feels like a break. It’s not the calm after the storm. That indicates that the storm has ended. I guess it’s more like being in the eye of a hurricane, when everything is calm and still, but only briefly, before the storm rages all around you again. You can look [...]

Domestic Violence – October is the Awareness Month

Spouse abuse, dating abuse, relationship abuse, it can be physical or mental or both, it happens in teens dating; married couples, and yes same sex couples.  No one in a relationship should allow themselves to be abused nor should anyone abuse another person.  Sadly the reality is, abuse happens in America every nine seconds.  In the time it took me to write that first sentence, [...]

Where Have All The "Good" Dads Gone – Marriage and Special Needs

If you’ve ever read Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Moose a Muffin, you probably immediately related to the boy in the story. The one who just wanted to be nice and share a muffin with a forest animal, and ends up spending his time, energy, and patience managing consecutive needs the moose brings as a result. Marriage and parenting are like that. You get [...]

Today I am a Special Needs Mother, and It's Hard

For the record, I consider myself just a Mom.  I don't look at my situation with John and say, "I am a special needs Mom."  Handicapped? no, my son is not handicapped, that title is reserved for individuals in much worse mental and physical shape than John.  Today, however reality slapped me in the face, yes I am a special needs Mother, like it or [...]

I (Nearly) Missed The Most Normal Special Need Ever

When raising a child with multiple special needs, we'd all like to think we're observant parents. But I've found that while managing high-intensity conditions in my kids, it's easy to miss the most "normal" childhood issues. In the wake of bipolar meltdowns, panic attacks, sensory processing challenges and behaviors driven by Reactive Attachment Disorder, I've missed a few doosies over the years: Seasonal allergies. My [...]

Resolution: Get My House in Order

I’ve made and broken most every New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made… or maybe I’m only recalling the ones that went down in flames.  There were even years I refused to make resolutions because I knew they would only be broken, and why should I be waiting for the New Year to decide that things needed changing?!?  But, the truth is, I like the ritual [...]

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Yoga, Calm Amidst the Chaos – Finding a Moment for Yourself

Yoga has been in and out of my life for roughly 12 years, mostly as an add-on to my workouts to assist in weight loss and further flexibility. This summer I have reintroduced yoga back into my routine with new purpose, inner peace. As I have risen to the challenges of my mid thirties, motherhood with a side of Autism and life in general, I [...]

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Does Facebook Depress You?

A friend recently told me her thoughts on Facebook. She said another friend of hers explained that she became a Facebook user simply out of necessity for keeping up on what was being planned for a dreaded high school reunion.  Before this planning, she was not part of the Facebook culture.  This friend of hers went on to say that she is no longer a [...]

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