Getting Ready for the Holidays in Colorado with the Santa Express Train

We've passed Halloween, we're coming up to Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. This year, one of our contributors is going to ride the Santa Express Train! The Santa Express Train, Colorado's favorite holiday train, runs through the Royal Gorge this Nov. 20 through Dec. 27, bringing more than 20,000 to the Royal Gorge Region over a six-week period. The Royal Gorge Route is offering more [...]

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Teal is the New Orange for Halloween

Who does not love an excuse to have fun with your child, go to a party or say, trick or treat as you visit your neighborhood. If you are an allergy parent events and days like this strike fear in your heart, here we go again, foods that for Jill and Joe are safe, but for your little one, can cause a life threatening reaction. [...]

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The-More-Than-Valentine's-Day- Valentine

If you are like me, you woke up the day or two after Christmas deciding you needed to run to the store for something but when you enter the store, instead of being greeted by red and green and a major amount of glitter, you are greeted with RED, WHITE and PINK! Yes, in the mere 48 hours that it takes most of us to rejoin the [...]

The Traditions in a Home of Special Needs

Tradition…the repetition of an honored event or activity commonly shared with friends and loved ones that holds symbolic meaning to the participants. Every year around now I start gazing longingly at magazines and reading social media updates eager to learn more about the traditions my friends and their families share. Oh how I love those impish Elf on the Shelf stories, or the passed down [...]

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Special Mom's on Mother's Day

They love unconditionally, they encourage, support and guide us through life and are always there to pick us up when we fall, or to wipe away tears when that boy or girl breaks our hearts for the first time.  Mothers of children with special needs and all moms are inspirational; they are fighters, they are warriors, and sometimes they have to show just how warrior [...]

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St. Patrick's Day – Children's Books, Craft and an Irish Prayer

CHILDREN'S BOOKS Here are a few great books I recommend for teaching the story behind St. Patrick’s Day to your Children! Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland, by Tomie dePaola The Last Saint in Ireland: A Story About St. Patrick, by Sheila McGill-Callahan and Will Hillenbrand St. Patrick's Day, by Gail Gibbons St. Patrick's Day in the Morning, by Eve Bunting and Jan Brett The Story [...]

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Valentine's Day Ideas – Goodies, Crafts, Decor and More

If your life resembles mine in any way, you've likely woken up today, realized what day it was, and blurted out that which will not be repeated here....(How do these days whiz by us so fast!?!?). But don't worry. All is not lost. I've gathered together some ways you can make it look like you were on top of it the whole time. Decor, desserts, [...]

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A Holiday In Pain

Dear… Obscure Relations / Those-Who-Think-They-Know-Us-But-Haven’t-A-Clue / Random Citizen who has the misfortune of crossing my path during the next few days or weeks…. I’m not happy. In fact, I’m f#(&ing pissed. Not positive. I refuse to see the positive side of the “special needs” life at the moment. In particular, I cannot fathom what good is coming from my son’s epilepsy. My son’s INTRACTABLE, UNSTOPPABLE [...]