Visiting the Denver Firefighter Museum

Visiting the Denver Firefighter Museum

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The swell of Christmas is over. Many of us who now switch our endeavors to the entertainment of children home on school break, rather than running ourselves into insanity, and I have an idea for you.

Not too long ago, in a post brought to you by the Denver Firefighter Museum, in the midst of my winter break panic, I shared 5 different things to do over the winter break. One of these was visiting the Denver Firefighter Museum. (They have a special of Two-For-One Admissions Deal going on – you can find that deal here.) Well… we went!

“The Denver Firefighters Museum has been housed in the original Firehouse Number 1 since 1909. (You can) explore over a century of historical artifacts, fascinating exhibits, and fun family and kids activities throughout the Museum! The Museum offers not only outstanding exhibits on the history of firefighting in Denver focusing on the Denver Fire Department, but innovative and exciting hands-on activities that allow visitors to interact with the traditional exhibits. From groundbreaking state-of-the-art gallery space to engaging programs and special events, there is always something new to explore.”

Firefighter cut outWhen my family explored the museum, we found our favorite activities:

  • climbing on the firetruck (and ‘driving’ it)
  • dressing in firefighter hats, jackets, boots and gloves
  • sliding down the mini firefighter pole
  • calling 911
  • and the play area with computer stations

The play area is enormous, easily able to contain a good number of children. Large and open with wooded floors, they have a puppet play area, 3 computer stations with games geared towards fun learning, a house ‘maze’ symbolizing finding you way out of a home, a mat to stop-drop-and-roll and more.

There are bathrooms upstairs (separated by gender) that are really, very cool “retro” bathrooms indicative of the time the firehouse was running. The downstairs bathroom is unisex. All bathrooms have changing tables for infants.

Open Playroom at the Denver Firefighter MuseumMost everything in the museum is very thoughtfully laid out. I noted a double (side by side) stroller making its way through with little trouble. However, you should be aware that those who need complete wheelchair access will be unable to share in the upstairs activities. These include the (cool) bathrooms and open play area.

Additionally, you should prepare yourself as you will walk straight into the shop. Your children will be tempted with an array of toys including firefighter hats, trucks, small spotted dogs and more. Of course, these are fun items to treat your kids to on your way out!


BONUS: The Denver Firefighter Museum hosts birthday parties!

My kids enjoyed their time there. In truth, it took us under an hour to go through the museum, and I’m certain there was a LOT that we missed. The Denver Firefighter Museum is located at 1326 Tremont Place Denver, Colorado 80204. You can visit their website at

Twin Towers Remains And of course before you make you way out, be sure to stop and visit with a piece of the twin towers that fell during the 9/11 attacks.

(This post is sponsored by the Denver Firefighters Museum.  I received complimentary attendance for my family in order to give an unbiased representation of the museum).

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