Top 10 Books Dedicated to Sensory Processing Disorder

Top 10 Books Dedicated to Sensory Processing Disorder

October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month, so let’s line up some great reading for you and / or your child.  Here is my list of the…

Top 10 Books Dedicated to SPD on Special Happens

Ellie Bean the Drama QueenEllie Bean the Drama Queen …Maybe people passing say. Unruly, spoiled, lover of attention, screamer for no reason rather than play. A book about a little girl who twirls and twirls and twirls, and has tags in her shirt causing her so much pain. Finally she finds what makes her feel balanced in occupational therapy. And the drama queen goes away.
The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing DisorderThe Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder …With the forward written by best-selling special needs author Carol Kranowitz, Dr. Ostovar presents real life, relatable examples of various forms of SPD. This well-rounded, clearly presented resource brings the obscure into focus from the beginning of a diagnosis, to implementing a sensory diet, even including differentiation of SPD from other ‘look-alike’ disorders. Throughout the book, Dr. Ostovar utilizes current research, presents appropriate and realistic techniques and interlaces stories of children who are working to manage their SPD.
Out-of-Sync ChildOut-of-Sync Child … “ I read it years ago.  (It’s a) great tool overall and highly recommended as your first book as you begin your SPD journey.  Useful, informative, easy read and good take aways.” – Y’vonne Ormond
Sensitive SamSensitive Sam …Sensitive Sam, the 2009 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year, is a book written for children, from a child’s perspective, highlighting the different ways that children can experience SPD, how it affect’s them, their family and school relationships, the struggles of every day activities, and the process of managing SPD through therapeutic programs. Most importantly, it leaves the child reader with the feeling that they are not alone.
Sensory Parenting from Newborn to ToddlersSensory Parenting – From Newborn to Toddlers …A book I wish I had when my oldest was born, “Sensory Parenting” takes you from preparing for your baby, through the first three years. Many parents who find themselves questioning their children’s behaviors, especially if that child or a sibling has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) will find this book a welcomed resource.
Squirmy WormySquirmy Wormy …This book written for children, depicts a child (Tyler) move through various forms of SPD. “I Can Help Myself” is the focus of this book, empowering the child reader to recognize his behavior, understand what drives the behavior, and apply the necessary solution.
Learn to Have Fun with Your SensesLearn to Have Fun With Your Senses …Ever wonder where the simple checklist for Sensory Processing Disorder is? If what you’re observing is over-responsiveness, seeking or avoiding behaviors in your child? How about how your pre-adolescent child feels in his own body when given certain stimuli? Well, instead of the usual handbook for the parent or caregiver, John F. Taylor, PhD has written “Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses: The Sensory Avoider’s Survival Guide” where the questions and suggestions go straight to the kiddo.
Picky, Picky PetePicky, Picky Pete …In this children’s story book, Michele depicts Pete going through his morning routine. Frustrations abound, misunderstandings between he and his mother, finding a way to communicate, accomplish the goal of getting ready for the day, and feeling comfortable doing so. What a great way to tell your child that even though the routines of the day are difficult, even if you find frustrations, you still are a team, working through sensory processing disorder together.
Starting Sensory TherapyStarting Sensory Therapy…Each chapter has a number of sensory activities quickly described and depicted, with additional sections suggesting extended play. Carefully thought out, the sensory activities are also quick to set up, easy to clean up, and create the opportunity for development of skills. There’s no filler. No fluff. Yet the book is not shy in boasting over 140 sensory activities.
Sensational KidsSensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder…”Lucy J Miller books are always my favorite as an industry leader in the topic of SPD… It supplies useful examples and tools to coach your child into adapting with the world around them. Easy ready and great reference tool as well.” – Y’vonne Ormond

“Sensational Kids is the perfect book for both the parent new to SPD looking for diagnosis and those looking to further their child’s current program of integration. Sensational Kids is an excellent comprehensive guide and a must read for families and caregivers directly affected by Sensory Processing Disorder.”. – Meredith Myers

Like that list?  How about a BONUS book for the list…

Sensory Parenting for Elementary ChildrenSensory Parenting – for Elementary Children **this book has JUST been released.  So, why is it on this list?  Well, the authors have wonderful insight for resources and included SPECIAL HAPPENS as a resource for the SPD community!  If they chose us, then this MUST be a good book!


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