The Great Marijuana Debate

The Great Marijuana Debate

Some say it should be legalized. Some say it should remain illegal. Some say it has ruined lives. Some say it has saved lives. It’s the great debate.  What I speak of, is marijuana.

For as long as I can remember, marijuana has been a drug that has always been linked with trouble. Gangs and fights. Arrests and a road to a dead end. For some, this is indeed the case. However, times have changed and the perception of marijuana has altered quite a bit. Though there are the select bunch that do abuse this drug, this drug is also now beginning to be looked upon as something to improve the lives, and save the lives of those who are sick or stricken with illnesses.

Medical_Marijuana by Trawin_FlickrWhen the term “Medical Marijuana” first began to appear in main stream, many who opposed scoffed at the term deeming it merely an excuse to abuse drugs. I remember hearing talk show host Montel Williams coming out as being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and using medical marijuana to ease his pain. For me, this was the first official coming out of a famous face using marijuana medicinally. It was not received well, to my recollection, however compassion for his condition was present. As years progressed, more and more studies were happening looking into the medicinal usage of marijuana. Dispensaries were beginning to open up in more and more locations. Licenses were beginning to be issued by doctors for various conditions such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Crohn’s, Glaucoma and many others.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and I had MUCH to learn about this condition and I indeed learned quite a bit! Soon, I began to hear rumblings of Medical Marijuana being a contender to battling seizures. The idea seemed a bit odd to me as marijuana is known for altering ones state of mind for a “High” feeling. How could such a drug aid someone’s seizures? However there is much more to it than most people think.

There is no “High” involved at all as a matter of fact. Scientists and medical professionals are currently working on ways to use aspects of the drug to help manage seizure activity in the brain without the hallucinating high effects. It has sparked intrigue with Epilepsy patients, families of those diagnosed and more! There are people on both sides of the fence and even riding the fence. I am of course one who does indeed ride the fence.

I personally do not use medical marijuana, however I don’t quite oppose the idea of medical marijuana either. I believe more research aught to be done but the idea shouldn’t be overlooked. I believe if it can help save lives, better lives, why not give it a look? Why not give it a chance? I’ve written a personal blog on the matter on my wesbite: and I would certainly be interested in hearing where others stand on the issue. If some have used it and found success, if some have used it and seen no difference.

Medical Marijuana is a debate that I forsee going forward for years to come. I predict that one day it will be legalized for medicinal usage.

I look forward to hearing feedback!


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  1. Daria @ Mom in Management December 9, 2013 at 9:24 am - Reply

    I am glad the stigma attached to marijuana is not longer hindering the ability to use all resources to help people. Personally, I was married to someone that abused this drug and have my fair share of concerns about someone smoking it constantly – until being stoned is their new normal.

    But that’s the same with ANY drug or even alcohol. This one is no different and should be allowed as a resource for those who can benefit to use it responsibly.

    Anything can be abused if used too much. Think about the health and societal issues obesity has caused. Does that mean we should ban food? No, that’s ridiculous. So is banning marijuana from those who can benefit.

    That’s just my opinion of course…

    • Special Happens December 9, 2013 at 10:58 am - Reply

      My opinion as well Daria. Actually, I was just saying to someone in another forum how one of the worst parts about the medical marijuana debate is that people picture parents sending their children off to the back porch to smoke a joint / bowl. In reality, it can be baked in “special cookies” or the high component can be removed and only the potent helpful parts remain in a liquid form that then can be ingested. It doesn’t have to be an every day thing either… regimented like any other medication. I think once the facts are plainly laid out, and maybe when someone has a kiddo (or themselves) that no other treatment works for, or there are treatments with horrible side effects (that still don’t work)… maybe then, they’ll consider it.

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl December 9, 2013 at 10:23 am - Reply

    I am a strong believe in alternative meds and medical marijuana is one. Thanks for taking on this, and you will see me out there fighting to help make it legal for those in need. Be blessed.

  3. margalit December 11, 2013 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    As a medical professional I have to say I don’t see any harm in prescribing it for medical usage.What many parents don’t realize is that many prescribed drugs in use today have by far more harmful side effects.Bottom line it is time to de-stigmatize marijuana!

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