Teacher's Gifts Ideas

Teacher's Gifts Ideas

It’s that time of year again and I am here to give you some *awesome* suggestions for those end-of-the-year-last-minute-thought teacher gifts. Let’s not forget that the classroom teacher is not the only one involved in our children’s lives, so start making your teacher/team member list now! For instance, I would list my son’s classroom teacher, his art teacher, gym teacher, computer teacher, P.E. teacher, speech therapist, the three O.T.’s who work with him and his bus driver. I do believe I am forgetting one or two, but I still have time to remember them!

If you can involve your child in the process, teaching him/her to be thankful for teacher and educators (in my case I end up having to end the conversation with “Because it’s the nice thing to do, that’s why!”).

Look For Sales

If you don’t have time to make something, or you want to purchase something, look for sales/bargains at your favorite stores. One of my go-to’s is Bath & Body Works because they usually have great deals on their plugin warmers and oils . Also, if you plan enough in advance, you can shop year-round for clearance items and store them away for last-minute moments like this. I am a huge clearance rack fan & I despise paying full price for an item-it’s like your wallet is crying in pain.

Get Creative

I know bajillions of folk use Pinterest now, but I don’t have an account, so I can post a bunch of ridiculously cute projects that take hours here. What I like to do (and have received very positive feedback, even years later) is make a personalized photo with my child’s name and year. I’m not currently an educator, but when I was, I know I would have appreciated a photo of the children I worked with to remember them. If your child like to draw, they can add a personalized touch to this too. I use a program on my computer called Print Artist, but I made this one on picmonkey.com. I did this photo using picmonkey without a subscription.  Here’s the original and my picmonkey one:

Thank you photo before using picmonkey.com        J Teacher Thank You Photo 2013

Make It Personal

How much do you know about your child’s educators? Is there a photo of a beloved dog on her teacher’s desk? Did you run a 5K with his speech therapist? Take whatever knowledge you’ve gained from your PI work and apply it to the gift. Surprising them with something in tune with their interests allows them to see that they are more than just an educator to you and your child-they too are an individual.


Thanks for taking time to remember your child’s educators! Even the littlest “We’re thinking of you and appreciate all you’ve done for _____ this year!” note is meaningful. So get out there and get your giving on!



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