Music, A Soothing Language for Children with Special Needs?

Music, A Soothing Language for Children with Special Needs?

Music: The beautiful vibration that flows from our voice, from instruments, from nature that ever speaks to our soul in a way that does not need words. We have used music across the ages to calm, soothe and communicate our love to our children. It is a tool that calms the mind, heals the body and brings love to the heart. This tool is something we often take for granted as something silly, frivolous even, but if you take a good look you can see the power that lies within.  

Being the parent of 2 special needs nonverbal Autistics, I have discovered the magic in music that has been the first form of real language and connection between me and my babies. The way my children light up and float over to me as I sing, or play an instrument, or just clapping my hands, I know there is something there. I hear this quite often amongst the community of other parents and caregivers of children with special needs, about their own deep connections to music.

Music I believe is of divine nature, the creative force that comes from God that is bestowed upon each and every one of us which is why we are all drawn to it so much. It is the language of the soul that when it is created and put forth with true good intent and love, it can be a treasure.

a musical tree and spectrumAs with all children, music is something they immediately know and relate too long before words are formed. As mothers we wrap our arms around our swollen bellies, swaying to music within, speaking without words to our unborn child. As our children are newborns, we rock and bounce them in rhythmic form humming the soothing tunes of old. As they grow, music is ever a balancing and nourishing part of their lives creating harmony within. So on a scientific level, why is it that music has such an influence on us?

Well over the years many studies have been done to show the affects of music and what a powerful influence it can have on us, especially children. Why children? I believe that they are truly open souls that haven’t been hardened by the world just yet and are truly receptive to the healing love modality that is music. Music is a vibration, as is everything in the known physical world that we see, therefore it has a direct affect on us on a molecular level. So as our physical bodies are vibrating, when music vibrates healing tones, this can bring wellness to the body. Here are a few interesting articles on the subjects of what music is and how it affects us:

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Scientists have even shown this to be true with plants, also living things like us, that are directly affected by music. I’m sure you’ve all heard about people playing truly harmonious music like Mozart for plants only to witness them flourish and on the flip-side playing for them inharmonious music like hard rock only to see them wilt away.

So even though this is not something we can literally see, it is something we are feeling and it does affect us. I believe that children with special needs, who often have delays or lack of speech or sensory issues, they have increased sensory perception which can give them the ability to be hyper aware of vibration, even actually being able to see the energies that we as neurotypicals cannot. So I challenge all parents, do this for your children, get into music!

There are many wonderful ways you can bring this healing effect into your own lives with your kids. Of course the obvious way is to start singing! No matter how silly you may feel, learn their favorite songs, maybe pick up an instrument or just tap away at the table, which ever you choose, the point is it is coming from you, your heart and that is what your kids will thrive on. There are also many sound therapy options available to children with and without special needs so this might better suit your needs as well. This is why I believe music to be such an essential part of my own interaction with my kids, it is the language they speak, without words it is this language of love they understand and that I can give them every day.

(Here is a further detailed pdf of the effects of music for use with children with special needs.)

What are your experiences with music and your child with special needs?  


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  1. Michelle April 13, 2013 at 6:16 am - Reply

    agreed! My little one could always hear the beat of the music in a grocery store before I could! He would just start swaying to it in the shopping cart!

    • Bird April 13, 2013 at 1:06 pm - Reply

      aaww!! thank you for sharing Michelle and checking out my post :).. how beautiful little angel 🙂 They are so connected when they are little 🙂

  2. Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey April 13, 2013 at 11:21 am - Reply

    I agree there is magic in music…I however, can’t sing for the life of me and my kids duck and cover or laugh with I try….Thankfully there are great CD’s and internet music stations that fill our house with a happy sound that delights the family…as long as Mom doesn’t start trying to sing along…sigh.

    Great information!!

    • Bird April 13, 2013 at 12:19 pm - Reply

      Thanks Cheryl! <3 haha yes thank goodness for cds lol I'm super lucky that my kids tolerate me banging on a guitar, they don't seem to complain, but their nonverbal still so we'll see lol! 😉

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