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Finding Hope in Special Needs

It’s been some time since I came here in my own voice to share my thoughts and fears, hopes and experiences with anyone who might gain anything of value from them. For some time, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I had anything to pass along. What could I possibly say or do to help me and help you, and keep us all going? [...]

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I'm Sorry – From One Special Needs Mom to Another

The thing about “I’m sorry” is that it’s something we’re constantly telling people we don’t want to hear.  We don’t want people to pity us as parents of children with special needs.  We don’t want people to be sorry that we have a child with special needs, or with challenges, or sorry for our daily struggles, or our challenge to survive the hour much less [...]

Feelings of Inclusion – One Mom's Perspective

My daughter has two disorders that make each day a huge challenge for her.  She has dyspraxia and SPD.   Simply - very simply - the first is a motor planning disorder and the later means her nervous system reacts differently to any sensation. For her system years ago, all sensations felt wrong to her.  So she cried or had a meltdown. Add both together and [...]

That Touch of Freedom – Independence with Special Needs

For most parent, they know the day their child is born, one day they will leave home.  Most do this soon after high school graduation, either by moving away to college or moving in with friends.  I never thought John would have a moving out day, but John had other ideas. I should have seen it coming.  Last August we took John to the beach [...]

Autism Rule #1 – Always Assume Intelligence in Autism

If there was any one article I hope would sink into your memory I would hope it to be this one. It is the most important rule and at times is the most difficult to be confident in. The most frustrating part of Autism right now is the lack of professionals available to parents and children who have the expertise and real knowledge on how [...]

Autism is… Bubble Baths and Weighted Blankets

Autism is sensory issues and meltdowns. It’s the colors pink and purple, all things princess, and brown hair with gold and red highlights---which can never be curly enough. It’s spinning and rocking with abandon, laughing at inappropriate times, expression through art. Buckets of “real artist markers,” sketchbooks, doodles on every available scrap of paper, leaving me without a place to take notes when I’m on the [...]

Gender Equality Month in March

March is Gender Equality Month. While it is something we try to think about all year in my house, the month gives us a reminder to stop and focus on the history that we take for granted and the challenges still ahead of us. I think by now we all know that gender is a societal construction. We learn what it means to be feminine [...]

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Making New Years Resolutions in a Family with Special Needs

New Year’s Resolutions…… lose weight? Drink more water? Cut down on Coca-Cola? Exercise more? Make more home-cooked meals? More time with the family? Wear dress clothes to work more often? Update my blog more? Step away from the computer when the kids are around? Shop more? Spend less? Get more organized? Be okay with the kids not putting their clothes in the logical color-coded piles [...]

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What Do You Say When a Miracle Turns 10?

The happiness I have in my heart can hardly be given life with mere words. My oldest son, the one who has set us out on a journey that has tested our strength and fortified us individuals and as a family, turned 10 day. Ten. Double digits. The Golden Birthday followed by Golden Years. Admittedly, I’m panicking a bit inside… I have a 10 year [...]

You Can't be Martha Stewart in a Duck Dynasty Family

I was young once, I had plans. I knew exactly what my life was going to be like as an adult. I would never wear blue jeans; I would have an endless supply of pumps, smart dresses and pearls.  I would have a hold on each holiday so well that Southern Living would have my phone number on speed dial so they could call me [...]

Resolution: Get My House in Order

I’ve made and broken most every New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made… or maybe I’m only recalling the ones that went down in flames.  There were even years I refused to make resolutions because I knew they would only be broken, and why should I be waiting for the New Year to decide that things needed changing?!?  But, the truth is, I like the ritual [...]

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A View In The Mirror: Christmas Miracle

(It is after Christmas, on New Years Eve when this is posted... life gets in the way sometimes... but this is a story of hope, inspiration, recognition, appreciation, and love.  It is my hope that during this next year, Cheryl's reflection will ignite a hope that may be dormant in your heart.  Thank you Cheryl). • Once John regressed and became impossible to take in [...]

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There's No Connection Between Autism and Planned Violent Behavior – A Letter to the Community

So much is being felt, said, and thought about the shooting in Connecticut, I will be sharing my thoughts later, but for now, I wanted to address Autism and Asperger’s as a part of the conversation. I’ve thought of a number of ways to respond to the fear that this will likely provoke, but this letter, written by @Jillsmo says it well. • Dear (School [...]

I'm Sorry My Son Called You a Monster

I have found myself saying this more and more. “Rainbow Crash” is how it started.  Then: “Rainbow Crash-y” (My Little Pony) “Dash” (Rainbow Dash is the actual character’s name in My Little Pony). “Ninja” (NinjaGo) “Samuri” (NinjaGo) “Pinky Pie” (My Little Pony “Alien” “Monster” (anything Scooby Doo) Yep… he calls people “Monster”.  Random people.  People he’s slightly familiar, people he isn’t really familiar with, and [...]

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On This Day, 6 Years Ago A Journey Begins

Six years ago today, J’s body and brain openly betrayed him for the first time… that we know of. Six years ago today, 9 months pregnant, I watched in horror as his eyes remained in the back of his head; as his mouth drooled; as his lips turned blue. Six years ago today, we unknowingly began a journey that has lead us through a number [...]

A View in the Mirror: The Place Kicker

I do not love autumn and its chill the way some people do, yet I see her beauty. Saturday I took off on a walk alone, something I seldom do. John and his Dad had taken the car for a much needed oil change and I was left with my dog Cindy, we chose to take off for a while and look at the leaves. [...]

"Dear Mom", Letters from My Kids in 2032 – Celebration of Adoption Awareness Month

One of the factors that make parenting such a tough job is the looooooong feedback loop. We don't really know if what we're doing is working until 10 years or more after the fact. We can only do our best each moment. But what if we started with a vision of our desired result when it comes to growing up our children? Many Open Adoption Bloggers did [...]

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