A Difficult Decision by Jen Troester • All About Autism Series 2011

This post is generously submitted for the 2011 All About Autism Series ~ by Jen Troester: My daughter Katie just turned 7 in January, and is what you would consider high-functioning on the Autism Spectrum. To some, being able to call their child high-functioning would be a dream. To us, at times, it has been a nightmare. You see Katie is lucky enough not only [...]

Autism Understanding and Acceptance • This is what Autism is to me….

This is what Autism is to me... He rages. Has meltdowns on an unearthly scale. Personally I’ve been punched in the back of the head, about my hair pulled, constantly head butted. I’ve been bitten numerous times. Screamed at. Spit on (angry raspberries really, but hey, spit is spit). Toys thrown at me, objects broken. The doors have been methodically kicked for an hour. [...]

Sunday Special Comics • Where There's Fire • 03-27-2011

Humor is survival. In a family with special needs, it brings revival. From my life, this is the scene, my belly laugh unforeseen. I published it here, and linked to it there where Sunday Special Comics every Sunday do appear. So check out those comics, toss your paper in recycling, I promise you’ll be glad and they’re better than this lame rhym-ing. This is posted [...]

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All About Autism Series • 2011

In just 10 days from now, a movement will begin to stir within the special needs community. Blogger, advocates, therapists, caregivers and other resources that surround people living with Autism will be heard. Voices will be undeniable in expressing the need to educate, collaborate, spread understanding, acceptance and appreciation of our loved ones, in some cases, of ourselves. You will find a number of events [...]

"Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!"

“Stupid.” “Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!” “You STUPID!” “You STUPID Mommy!” Oh what, not a great post so far? Try having that be your conversation with your child. Yes, my son says stupid. A lot. Not only every day, but I’m fairly certain there’s not a waking hour when he hasn’t uttered it. Stupid. We’ve tried different ways of eradicating this word from his vocabulary. Items earned. [...]

This Moment • O Got My Phone….

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. In participation of {this moment} with SouleMama. See her blog and other submissions here. But This Moment was mine….

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This Is Going To Be A LONG Day!

“J, since O and B woke you up too early and it’s your free day off school, I’m going to let you pick what you want to watch this morning.” “Oh. Okay. I want to watch the donkey flying with wings” (flaps his arms) “and the elephant and the DONKEY.” “SHREK” O yells out in her most helpful manner...J screams no and shakes his head [...]

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"My Inspiration From The 2011 Friendships Series" by Gina St. Aubin for Friendships: Struggles, Humor, Triumphs and Angels Series

I wear a necklace of a good friend. She’s in the past, though I think of her and our friendship fondly each time I put it on. Thinking of many of the friendshps of the past, the bonds I’ve shared with others, the chapters we’ve written in each other’s pages, I can’t think of many who could fit in my life of now...nor I in [...]

"Two Is Not Worse Than One" by Alain LeBel – Guest Post for Friendships: Struggles, Humor, Triumphs and Angels Series

I have two boys:  Gaston (age 7) and Rémi (age 5).  Both are on the spectrum.  Gaston's diagnosis was heart-breaking enough, but as my wife and I learned more about autism, it became painfully clear to us that Rémi might be autistic, too.  His diagnosis soon followed. You'd think having two autistic kids is twice as bad as having one.  I disagree. Gaston is Rémi's [...]

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"She Is Their Best Friend" by Gina St. Aubin – Friendships: Struggles, Humor, Triumphs and Angels Series

She is their best friend. I see it in their faces, hear it in their play, watch it in the way they fight over the smallest piece of junk, determined that their need to treasure this particular item is deeper than the other. Then, just as easily, one gives in. One notices the tears of the other. One cares, changes priorities and ‘makes it right’. [...]

We've Learned To Go With It…Our New Year's Eve

I heard my kids did good.  I heard they walked down the aisle capturing attention, not nervous, seamlessly playing their parts.  O taking her walk, spreading flowers down for the bride to walk on.  B walking his pillow to the designated spot, stopping only after walking straight up to the groom, and high-fiving him with the pillow in hand.  I heard while the wedding was [...]

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Sunshine Reigns On

I put my little girl down to sleep for the night, going through our evening ritual. “I can’t remember….how old are you going to be tomorrow?” (I have my best perplexed look upon my face). “I don’t know…” (yes, she does enunciate every word while casually looking as if she refuses to be lured into my game). “Ten! Ten, right?” “Noooo” “Yes, I think you’re [...]

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Let Go! It's Playtime

Always rushing from task to task, errands, phone calls, dishes, laundry, blogging. I’ve been rushing so much, concentrating so hard on being an adult, that I’d forgotten to enjoy childhood. The childhood my children now possess. Then I played. Helping O clean her room, the good adult thing to do, she asked with a gleam of hope in her eyes, “Ok. I’ll be the Mommy [...]

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My Little Girl Is A Wonder And A Worry

My little girl is a wonder. A worry...for me. In a few short days, she’ll be 4 years old. Older in her height, her insight, knowledge and speak, I’m sure she’s trouble...yet she’s so sweet. (I know that rhymes and right now you’re thinking I’m going to break out into a poem...but poems are beyond my powers of writing). She’s intelligent, observant, easily tricks anyone [...]

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When You Just Want To Sleep….

You know when you lie down to sleep and your cat jumps on your bed ready to settle in with you, first stopping to sniff, then nibble at your feed, jumping back from the sudden movement of your shooing feet...well, not back, but 5 inches in the air with a look of complete surprise? Then he goes on to make his way towards [...]

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