Mom Guilt Moment

I experienced a huge “mom-guilt trip” the other day. Our 7yo (Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum) (J) and 5yo(A) both had a field trip to a community theater production. At the same time. On the same day. Hubs couldn’t chaperone, but I could, so I did. And I went A’s Kindergarten class, instead of our son’s first grade class(even though he sometimes needs some [...]

Taking Action and Separating My Boy from Video Games… at least for now

I’m pissed off.  Angry, with a fire lit beneath me.  And it’s my own fault. As parents we make mistakes.  We make choices, calculated guesses after weighing a number of factors, that seem important at the time of the decision.  We live with consequences, secretly crossing our fingers behind our backs hoping what we decided was right.  Well, what I decided was wrong.  And the [...]

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You Say You Don't Want a Cure? Well I DO!

You say you don’t want a cure.  Well I do. I get why you don’t… this is a part of your child, an imperfect piece perfectly imbedded, merged, marinated, simmered and fused within every nuance of your child.  You can not separate autism, or epilepsy, or down syndrome, or whatever it is from your child without removing what makes him… him.  I completely respect that.  [...]

A View in the Mirror – A Brother's Turn

My cell phone rang, it was my oldest son Aaron. “Mom I just saw us, not us as we are today, but us, like life used to be.” He said in one quick breath, I knew he was trying hard not to cry. “What did you see?” He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and told me about his encounter. “Well I went [...]

Helping Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Guest Post by Vicki Miller of Macaroni Kid - Aurora, CO Having a child with a special need or an illness is challenging enough. It consumes your heart, mind, and soul and leaves you worrying most moments of the day. What is even more challenging is when that child has a sibling. It becomes extremely hard to balance the two children without leaving one feeling [...]

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A View in the Mirror – The Death of Blue Baby

I stood in the women’s restroom of Walmart waiting to see the results of the home pregnancy test. It was well after 10 p.m. and my husband was at home with the boys. When I saw a plus sign appear, a part of me rejoiced and a part of me panicked. I was 40 years old, the mother of a 16 year old teenager with [...]

More Than (Only) Special

“Don’t try to get him in trouble. He has a hard enough life without you trying to get him into trouble!”  I found myself firmly pointing this out to O this weekend. Friday afternoon, I responded to the calls for my attention to the backyard rock pit, wherein I received bad information about what was happening outside. “J hit B in the head with a [...]

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Celebrating Autism SIBLINGS … Your Invitation from Jennifer Butler Modaff : Guest Post

When my son Caden was diagnosed with autism a little past his 2nd birthday in 2008, I knew very little about the spectrum. My research and our daily experiences quickly revealed the misconceptions that exist about autism and individuals on the spectrum. As a result we decided to create an awareness campaign focused on increasing awareness one picture at a time. You can find Caden’s [...]

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"When A Brother's Love Hurts" – My Guest Post on Squashed Bologna: A Special Needs Sibling Saturdays Post

It's raw. It's real. It's the stuff I physically hurt from each and every day. My sorrow. My pain. My failure to keep my kids safe every moment of every day....or at least when I'm in the bathroom! My Guest Post on The Squashed Bologna: Sibling Slice-Special Needs Siblings Saturdays    

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Misunderstood – The Parent of a Child with Special Needs (Part II)

Resentment is a strong word... He asked if my other two children resented him. This teenager trying to understand. Do I think they resent him? The attention given, the care received, the considerations made. This was a teenager, less knowledgeable about the ways of the world, of censoring thoughts rather than allowing them to form into words. Not that this is his fault; he is [...]

Friday Finish – A Special Edition : Sibling Love

Have a photo of a moment that got you through, a scene you’ll look back at and remember? One that made you laugh or cry or break out the wine? Publish it on your site and link it here…let others see this week’s moment you hold dear…or the scene you met with fear… What gave you inspiration is good too. Post it. Link it. Let’s [...]

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A morning like any other. No sleep through the night with a tag team of kiddos who have sleep disturbances or some other random configuration of life that keeps them from sleeping...every...single….night. I was finally getting a couple hours of restless sleep as my reprieve from the day prior and in preparation of the day ahead. Two of my three awoke. Patient as they are [...]

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Friday Finish • No Words 05-06-2011

Have a photo of a moment that got you through, a scene you’ll look back at and remember? One that made you laugh or cry or break out the wine? Publish it on your site and link it in comments here…let others see this week’s moment you hold dear…or the scene you met with fear… What gave you inspiration is good [...]

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Week 4 in Review • Thank You

Week 4 of the All About Autism Series has found its end. Four more writers, bloggers, advocates, and supporters of children diagnosed with Autism shared different areas of Autism. Jenny brought up bullying and her experiences as a young child being bullied while locked behind her Autism. Lynn’s humor highlighted that while echolalia can have a number of consequences, perhaps the best is getting a [...]

What Autism Is To Me by Lisa G. • All About Autism Series 2011

This post is generously submitted for the 2011 All About Autism Series ~ by Lisa G.: With April right around the corner....I thought long and hard about what I wanted to express to my readers and to others in the world about what autism is. So many wonderful things going on to help raise awareness and acceptance in the community and I knew that I [...]

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