You Will Come to Understand the Beauty That is Special Needs

To Me, 2001: Copyright: 1971yes / 123RF Right about now you’re making plans. A “milestone” birthday is coming your way, and for your memories, you’re feeling like you want to live your life with an exclamation. You’ve decided that it’s time to soar through the sky with all the adrenaline your body can muster, to plummet to the earth with enough fear to [...]

Navigating Public Places with a Child with Special Needs | An Open Letter to Rude People

Dear People In Public Places, There are a few things I wish you knew when I am out shopping with my grown disabled son.  Please think about this the next time you see us or anyone who isn't acting quite like you would expect them to for their age. My son never leaves home without a toy, doll, book, car something in his hand.  When [...]

A Letter to the General Public : Ten Things Every Special Needs Parent Wishes You Did Not Say To Us

Today my son will turn 21.  I started out writing him a letter of all the things he has taught me. The more I thought the more I realized that what John has taught me, I really wish the general public knew.  So for my sweet son, here you go, what I have learned as a special needs Mom and what I wish the general [...]

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To Me at Seventeen – A Letter from a Special Needs Mother

Dear Seventeen, I know you love to read biographies of any kind, but stop it. Yes Tom Sullivan helped you see the world as a blind person, but you are slipping too deeply into reading about special needs.  That book SunRise that you chose for a book report that later turned into a Home Living class project, will come back to haunt you.  Because of [...]

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An Open Letter to Emergency Responders Everywhere

Disclaimer:  There are occasions when a certain amount of sarcasm, wit, and humor are called for, so as to prevent blood spatter and jail time. We'll call this..um.. anger management. Thus, I bring to you an open letter for Emergency Responders. A comedy of errors, if you will. But first, a disclaimer. I am very thankful for paramedics and law enforcement, who have been invited [...]

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There's No Connection Between Autism and Planned Violent Behavior – A Letter to the Community

So much is being felt, said, and thought about the shooting in Connecticut, I will be sharing my thoughts later, but for now, I wanted to address Autism and Asperger’s as a part of the conversation. I’ve thought of a number of ways to respond to the fear that this will likely provoke, but this letter, written by @Jillsmo says it well. • Dear (School [...]

To The Teacher Who Would Mistreat My Child

To Racers 2nd Grade Teacher, Everyday Monday through Friday, my son arrives in your class, he was placed in your care to teach him, nurture his brain and make him capable of going on to third grade. Since day one you have failed in your attempts as a teacher to teach my son. The only thing you have succeeded in doing is making him withdraw from classmates, learning and [...]

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"Dear Mom", Letters from My Kids in 2032 – Celebration of Adoption Awareness Month

One of the factors that make parenting such a tough job is the looooooong feedback loop. We don't really know if what we're doing is working until 10 years or more after the fact. We can only do our best each moment. But what if we started with a vision of our desired result when it comes to growing up our children? Many Open Adoption Bloggers did [...]

Under the Weight of Perseverance: A Letter to Those Who Feel My Distance by Gina St. Aubin – Letters Series

To Those Who Feel My Distance: I realize it seems like I’m missing. Reflecting on our connections, I can honestly say I don’t know if I’m absent when we’ve met in this place or that, or if we haven’t been connecting as often as before. It’s a blur of time that I can’t look back on very clearly. I hear it in your voice when [...]

Dear Old Me (circa 2001) by Danielle Ronshausen – Letters Series

Dear Old Me (circa 2001), You’re so confident.  You demand attention and you always get it.  Enjoy it.  It will be gone in a few short years.  Keep squeezing into those ass-huggin’ jeans just so men will stare as you walk away.  (Okay, who are you jokin’?  You will still be doing that in the future.)  Keep donning those belly baring midriffs to flaunt those [...]

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Dear Autism by Meredith Myers – Letters Series

So, hey, what’s up? I’m not gonna lie, your arrival here was kind of a blow to the gut. It took me a while to truly come to the realization that you were here and weren’t going to go away anytime soon. Because of you, I have missed out on things like hearing my children say, “Mommy, I Love You”. But I’m not going to [...]

An "Open Letter" to the General Public by Cheryl Bailey – Letters Series

An Open Letter to the General Public, In every restroom in America you will find a different size stall. It is a bit wider, sometimes a tad longer than the ones near it and the toilet is generally raised a bit. Bars along the sides of the toilet allow individuals the help the need to raise and lower themselves on the toilet. Sometimes, you will [...]

Dear Meddlesome Stranger Who Has No Clue What it’s Like to Raise a Child with Autism by Danielle Ronshausen – Letters Series

Dear Meddlesome Stranger who has no clue what it’s like to raise a child with Autism, Consider reserving judgment if you see me pushing my 8-year-old around a theme park in a stroller.  He’s sensitive to heat and his feet get tired.  You’re just pissed no one is pushing your lazy ass around.  Don’t mumble under your breath or make snide comments when I shove [...]

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I don't want this life for your child by Cheryl Bailey – Letters Series

An Open Letter to all who Support the Greater Good Concept, I am labeled a fear monger. I am told I am misguided. I am told the government knows more about how to keep my child safe from illness than I do. I am told to trust in vaccines. I did. They destroyed my son’s life. I found myself in a world where deny the [...]