Vision Deficits

I (Nearly) Missed The Most Normal Special Need Ever

When raising a child with multiple special needs, we'd all like to think we're observant parents. But I've found that while managing high-intensity conditions in my kids, it's easy to miss the most "normal" childhood issues. In the wake of bipolar meltdowns, panic attacks, sensory processing challenges and behaviors driven by Reactive Attachment Disorder, I've missed a few doosies over the years: Seasonal allergies. My [...]

Beyond 20/20 – Beyond Vision Therapy

August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month, just in time for back to school. Many of us recall as children the simple school eye screening where we stood behind a line and read the eye chart. If you didn’t need glasses then you didn’t have a vision problem, or so that was what was thought. While checking a child’s eye sight for correct 20/20 [...]