Meningioma Brain Tumor Survivor, Author and Founder Meningioma Mommas, Liz Holzemer

We know our bodies better than anyone and are our own best advocates. This is especially true for women who wear so many hats and put themselves on the backburner. We need to change our thinking and give ourselves permission to put ourselves at the top of our never ending “TO DO” lists. That’s not being selfish; it’s ensuring we’re taking care of ourselves. Otherwise, [...]

You Say You Don't Want a Cure? Well I DO!

You say you don’t want a cure.  Well I do. I get why you don’t… this is a part of your child, an imperfect piece perfectly imbedded, merged, marinated, simmered and fused within every nuance of your child.  You can not separate autism, or epilepsy, or down syndrome, or whatever it is from your child without removing what makes him… him.  I completely respect that.  [...]

Following One Boy's Hemispherectomy as Jackson's Journey Continues….

If there’s one thing our research has taught us, a hemispherectomy is no small surgery… though common sense says that too. A hemispherectomy “is a very rare surgical procedure where one cerebral hemisphere (half of the brain) is removed or disabled. This procedure is used to treat a variety of seizure disorders where the source of the epilepsy is localized to a broad area of [...]

Moving Forward… to Neurosurgery

In truth, this post is so very, very late. Though central to our life, I’ve neglected to ‘announce’ anything here. Caught up in the storm of scheduling, facts, theories, investigations and emotions, I’ve never quite found the words. ...and I wanted to find the words, the best words to explain what’s happening in our home. The enormity of what’s to come. The pains we’re feeling, [...]