A Weight Loss Option for Diabetics

I hear a commercial about the difficulties of losing weight with Diabetes.  Somewhere in the pitch the commercial goes on to say that weight loss and nutrition plans just don’t work for people with Diabetes and are not made for people with Diabetes.  “HA!” immediately rang in my head.  Why? On my perusing through the Nutrisystem site, I easily came across Nutrisystem® D®.  A weight [...]

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Fit2Fight, Better'n Eggs®, Bob Greene and Type II Diabetes

Many of us usually think of an adult developing Type II diabetes, but there are more and more children diagnosed with this every day. Currently, this preventable disease affects 25.8 million children and adults in the U.S., and we can easily thwart this preventable disease with a little consideration for what we eat. Like many families, Type II diabetes does touch my family. Many of [...]

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