What You Should Know About Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) by Andrea Erins : Guest Post

The term “IEP” comes up often when discussing special education programs in public schools. If you have a child with a disability who’s about to enter school, or if you think your child may have a learning disability because he or she is struggling in school, you may want to learn more about IEPs if you haven’t already. What is an IEP? An IEP is [...]

Misunderstood – The Parent of a Child with Special Needs (Part II)

Resentment is a strong word... He asked if my other two children resented him. This teenager trying to understand. Do I think they resent him? The attention given, the care received, the considerations made. This was a teenager, less knowledgeable about the ways of the world, of censoring thoughts rather than allowing them to form into words. Not that this is his fault; he is [...]

Anti-bullying by Jenny Ford • All About Autism Series 2011

This post is generously submitted for the 2011 All About Autism Series ~ by Jenny Ford: When I was a kid in school I got bullied constantly... Except for one year of public school but that's a subject for another post... One of my first memories of being bullied is when I was in the corner of the school yard. Don't remember how I got [...]

"Inclusive Classrooms" and classroom "havens" for children with special needs

“One excited boy did all that he could before making his way to a swing for comfort. Another boy made it all the way through, enjoying the project and doing an amazing job. Other kiddos were off enjoying the end of the day doing other activities in other rooms. J melted.” I talk about J’s inclusive classroom model and my first experience coming into his [...]

Getting Deeds to His Dog

Remember this little boy? His name is Deeds. I wrote about him here. Others have written about him every Monday since that incident, you can read some writings here. I’ve even been involved in a Twitter Party for the little guy that you can read about here and here. Did you know he’s almost there? Almost to the point where his family is planning their [...]

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Jewlery? Book? Toys? #forDeeds Twitter Party Giveaways

By now, you’ve read this post about getting stupid out of J’s vocabulary and the #forDeeds twitter party. What you might not know… Twitter parties are about causes (sometimes a campaign for a product, sometimes a ‘movement’, sometimes donations, other times, just a group of gals getting together to sip wine and chat online). Most twitter parties, with the exception of the last one listed, [...]

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"Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!"

“Stupid.” “Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!” “You STUPID!” “You STUPID Mommy!” Oh what, not a great post so far? Try having that be your conversation with your child. Yes, my son says stupid. A lot. Not only every day, but I’m fairly certain there’s not a waking hour when he hasn’t uttered it. Stupid. We’ve tried different ways of eradicating this word from his vocabulary. Items earned. [...]

I Have So Much To Say That I Can't Say Anything

On this day, the 22nd of February, my mind is full of posts. There’re overflowing to the point that I’m having to make lists of what they are rather than lose them to the abyss which is my brain at times. However, today, I can’t give you one. My mind is also full of so many other things, most of them grand, a lot of [...]

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Autism…Burns…What Can The Community Do To Help A Little Boy With Both?

The world can change in an instant. Your life on a road map, decisions made, the rough part, or what you’ve perceived as such suddenly, in one even becomes what was easy. To get through this, you’re going to need help. You’ve talked it over, made a decision, you and your spouse know what you’re willing to add in the overall plan to help your [...]

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