All About Autism 2011

Autism Understanding and Acceptance • This is what Autism is to me….

This is what Autism is to me... He rages. Has meltdowns on an unearthly scale. Personally I’ve been punched in the back of the head, about my hair pulled, constantly head butted. I’ve been bitten numerous times. Screamed at. Spit on (angry raspberries really, but hey, spit is spit). Toys thrown at me, objects broken. The doors have been methodically kicked for an hour. [...]

Autism Understanding and Acceptance

It’s April 1. April Fool’s Day to most, and the beginning of Autism Awareness Month to a growing population. Parents raising children on the Autism Spectrum no doubt have strong opinions… how to best treat our children. Why our kiddos have Autism, whether or not we’d like a cure. We know of different resources, the various organizations available for us, the difference in opinions of [...]

Counting Down to Autism Awareness….

Discover. Embrace. Educate. Advocate. Encourage. Treasure. Laugh. Countdown to April, and Autism Awareness. So many events coming our way, so many ways to celebrate those in our lives, whom we love more than we ever thought possible, those who are challenged with Autism. Celebration, honest conversations, frank posts, enlightenment, contests, a community that can sometimes be divided coming together. Since you’re here, I know you [...]

All About Autism Series • 2011

In just 10 days from now, a movement will begin to stir within the special needs community. Blogger, advocates, therapists, caregivers and other resources that surround people living with Autism will be heard. Voices will be undeniable in expressing the need to educate, collaborate, spread understanding, acceptance and appreciation of our loved ones, in some cases, of ourselves. You will find a number of events [...]

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