Bird's Fried Green Tomatoes

Bird's Fried Green Tomatoes

Oh my one of my very favorite things about the spring is Green Tomatoes!! I’m serious here, hardly anything better than a Fried Green Tomato, am I right?! Now don’t get all intimidated on me now, they are super simple to make, and I know, I know they’re fried, but they are still a veggie and that counts for something! Enjoy them anyways, just don’t have them every day, I mean you can skip a day in between if it makes you feel better. Xoxo, Bird

Fried Green Tomatoes

To make this easier, I’m scaling this for use with 1 tomato

1 Green tomato sliced moderately thin, not too thick now!

½ cup flour

½ to ¾  cup bread crumbs  (this will depend on tomato size, Panko are awesome by the way)

1 Tb seasoning (I love creole seasoning and Emeril’s all purpose is good too, something spicy)

1 egg with 1-2 tb milk whisked together

Ranch dressing mixed with a dab of wing sauce for dipping

Fried Green Tomatoes in Spring1. Slice green tomato and place slices on paper plate, salt and let set so that the salt draws some of the liquid out of the tomato, this helps the breading stick.

2. Set up a dredging station. This is crucial to successful frying. Plate #1 is for ¼ cup flour, next comes the bowl with the egg and milk, then comes plate #2 with the remaining flour and bread crumbs and seasoning, stir to combine. Finally place some paper towels down for pre-breaded non cooked tomatoes.

3. In a large frying pan add enough oil so when you put the tomato in it is coated but not drowning. Crank up the heat to medium high and wait for it to get real hot. To test when it is ready, throw in a tiny bread crumb, it is sizzles you are ready. This step is equally important because it will create a nice crunchy crust, instead of a soggy one that is falling apart .

4. Using tongs which are awesome with this, place pre-breaded tomatoes gently into hot oil, next to one another, but not overlapping.

5. You can turn them over when you start to see the brown bottom creep up the sides.

6. Pull off the heat onto a paper toweled plate to let the excess oil drip off.

7. Plate that with your dipping sauce because the sauce is the Boss.

Enjoy! Nom nom

 ~ Bird.

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