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The Great Marijuana Debate

Some say it should be legalized. Some say it should remain illegal. Some say it has ruined lives. Some say it has saved lives. It’s the great debate.  What I speak of, is marijuana. For as long as I can remember, marijuana has been a drug that has always been linked with trouble. Gangs and fights. Arrests and a road to a dead end. For [...]

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Cause of Seizures Can Be A Change in the Forecast

I've lived with epilepsy for over 5 years now, giving me a lot of time to learn about the condition, time to learn my triggers, understand my seizure patterns and frequency. Over time, more triggers (a cause of seizures) made their way onto my list, as if my epilepsy were growing like a thorny flower of sorts; limiting caffeine, getting plenty of sleep, eliminating stress [...]

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