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The-More-Than-Valentine's-Day- Valentine

If you are like me, you woke up the day or two after Christmas deciding you needed to run to the store for something but when you enter the store, instead of being greeted by red and green and a major amount of glitter, you are greeted with RED, WHITE and PINK! Yes, in the mere 48 hours that it takes most of us to rejoin the [...]

Looking Back Looking Forward…Which One Is Easier?

We all know how fast time seems to fly.  You hear it all the time, “It seems like only yesterday our daughter was born.”  Or  “Wow, has it really been that long since we have seen each other?” “It seems like it was just last week.” Time can seem to fly when we are having a great time, or it can seem to drag when [...]

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Feelings of Inclusion – One Mom's Perspective

My daughter has two disorders that make each day a huge challenge for her.  She has dyspraxia and SPD.   Simply - very simply - the first is a motor planning disorder and the later means her nervous system reacts differently to any sensation. For her system years ago, all sensations felt wrong to her.  So she cried or had a meltdown. Add both together and [...]

Transitioning Ideas For a Smoother Start To A School Year

When someone says the word transition, many people immediately think of the time when their children will be done with their schooling for grades K-12 and looking at their next step of life, but in truth transitions occurs every year.  For many it can occur with any change of a schedule or new teacher or therapist or for others transitions can be just at the beginning [...]

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Successes in Special Needs and How to Encourage Them

Opening a can, dressing, jumping into a mud puddle.....you may wonder what those things all have in common.  Those are some of our early successes, the things that my daughter has accomplished, worked for, and is proud of herself for doing. I think if I asked the general population, "How do you define a success?"  I am quite sure that everyone's list will be different, but I am equally [...]

To Ride or Not To Ride: Amusement Parks and Special Needs

I first read the article about the amusement park, then watched the attached video of the child who melted down at the amusement park.  The video explains that the child could not understand or rather process the information that they would have to wait to ride.  The video further explained that due to policy changes at the park, the once easy on and off this [...]