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Choosing What's Best, Not What's Easy

My daughter is an artist. She pairs clothing based on rules I can’t discern, garnering compliments from style-savvy people. She makes jewelry and crafts out of tidbits she finds―pebbles, old pencils, buttons, bolts, those little plastic pom-pom streamers from a child’s bicycle handle―things others overlook as trash. Last summer, as she prepared to go to middle school, I wanted to honor the art in her, [...]

Where Have All The "Good" Dads Gone – Marriage and Special Needs

If you’ve ever read Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Moose a Muffin, you probably immediately related to the boy in the story. The one who just wanted to be nice and share a muffin with a forest animal, and ends up spending his time, energy, and patience managing consecutive needs the moose brings as a result. Marriage and parenting are like that. You get [...]

I (Nearly) Missed The Most Normal Special Need Ever

When raising a child with multiple special needs, we'd all like to think we're observant parents. But I've found that while managing high-intensity conditions in my kids, it's easy to miss the most "normal" childhood issues. In the wake of bipolar meltdowns, panic attacks, sensory processing challenges and behaviors driven by Reactive Attachment Disorder, I've missed a few doosies over the years: Seasonal allergies. My [...]

Living Power Life Coaching – An Interview with Laurie Wallin

What do you think the biggest issue is facing parents of children with special needs? That question’s the topic of my upcoming book! As a parent of multiple children with special needs, I’d read everything I could get my hands on to get help to raise them well. But rarely do those resources address our own grief, hurt and emotional struggles as the parents. So [...]

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