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When You Need Rainbows and Unicorns

It has been a hard couple of months. My daughter got disappointing results on the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test, despite having been in occupational therapy for four years. According to her most recent scope, she probably has some other food allergies lurking, causing reactions in her GI tract. We're having to go through medical review again so she can continue her immunoglobulin replacement therapy for [...]

The Calm in the Storm

Parenting a child with special needs is drama. Constant, never-ending drama. Occasionally, you’ll get what feels like a break. It’s not the calm after the storm. That indicates that the storm has ended. I guess it’s more like being in the eye of a hurricane, when everything is calm and still, but only briefly, before the storm rages all around you again. You can look [...]

Homeschooling and Special Needs

I’m often asked why we decided to homeschool our daughter. The truth is, we were already homeschooling when we realized we have a child with special needs. It’s not that the needs weren't there; it’s just that we were in denial. (That’s a story for another time.) When my husband and I finally admitted that we were dealing with a special needs situation, we were [...]

An SPD Experience

Several weeks ago, our family attended a parade as part of a local festival. Our daughter was excited and looking forward to going. When we got there, we found a great place to watch the parade and waited. When the parade began, I realized our mistake. It started with emergency vehicles, lights and sirens going full force. It was too much. She was already having [...]

Surviving the Fourth of July with a Child with SPD

Surviving the Fourth of July with a Child with SPD Everyday life can be challenging for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to navigate, but holidays like the Fourth of July can be especially so because of the sensory input they receive during events like fireworks displays, cookouts, and other community activities. Our community celebrates with a day full of bounce houses, snow cones, popcorn, [...]

Autism is… Bubble Baths and Weighted Blankets

Autism is sensory issues and meltdowns. It’s the colors pink and purple, all things princess, and brown hair with gold and red highlights---which can never be curly enough. It’s spinning and rocking with abandon, laughing at inappropriate times, expression through art. Buckets of “real artist markers,” sketchbooks, doodles on every available scrap of paper, leaving me without a place to take notes when I’m on the [...]