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Forgive My Memory Loss – Advocating for Myself… This Time

Every year, around the beginning of November, the angst starts. We start getting more bills. We start thinking about the holidays, the expense of the holidays, the appointments we should hurry and schedule while our deductible is met. The multitude of errands, daily living, cranky kids, agitation of the kids because vacation is so near, yet so far.  And every year, I celebrate this by [...]

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Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake

There's not a lot of things that say Happy Saint Patrick's Day like this disturbingly green, sinfully rich, made from scratch, completely delectable, cheesecake filled green velvet cake. Based on a red velvet cake adapted by my hero, Recipe Girl , this cake will amp up the Irish of any St. Patrick's Day dinner. If you are a red velvet cake fan, you will love this [...]

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An Open Letter to Emergency Responders Everywhere

Disclaimer:  There are occasions when a certain amount of sarcasm, wit, and humor are called for, so as to prevent blood spatter and jail time. We'll call this..um.. anger management. Thus, I bring to you an open letter for Emergency Responders. A comedy of errors, if you will. But first, a disclaimer. I am very thankful for paramedics and law enforcement, who have been invited [...]

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Developing Leisure Time Skills For Persons With Autism

Structured Playtime Activities with Valuable Support Strategies for Adult is written by Phyllis Coyne, Colleen Nyberg and Mary Lou Vandenburg This is a review of the book that's worth the read before you decide to buy: The first thing to be aware of, when attempting to absorb information and instruction from this book, is that this book is better used as a reference manual rather [...]

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Opposite Sides of the SPD Coin

Sensory Processing Disorder, referred to as SPD and formerly known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction, has many different facets. SPD can affect children as well as adults, but the exact cause is unknown. There is evidence in preliminary research that shows SPD could be genetic, however, birth complications and environmental factors have also been shown to play a part in causing the condition. Frustrating, isn't it?? [...]

Visual Techniques For Developing Social Skills by Rebecca Moyes – A Book Review

Though designed with teachers in mind, Visual Techniques For Developing Social Skills, by Rebecca Moyes, MEd, is a valuable tool for for many, not the least of which being parents. This book is packed full of activities and lesson plans targeting children with high functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome. The first thing that I love about this book is how it is split up into [...]

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Rev Up Them Christmas Lights: Why I'm Not Lighting It Up Blue by Caryn Haluska

April is Autism Awareness Month.  Without going into the multiple reasons why I think Autism Speaks can suck it, I'll just put it simply. I don't believe in lighting it up blue in April. At our house, autism is every day. I don't see the point in taking one month of the year to wear t-shirts about autism, change my porch light, tag my vehicle, [...]

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Notes from a "Refrigerator Mom" by Caryn Haluska • All About Autism Series 2011

This post is generously submitted for the 2011 All About Autism Series ~ by Caryn Haluska: In 1949, Dr. Leo Kanner wrote a paper, in which he cited “refrigerator mothers” as the cause of the autism in children ~ attributing autism to “genuine lack of maternal warmth”. In an interview for Time magazine in 1960, Dr. Kanner described mothers of autistic children as “just happening [...]

“Friendships Missed” by Caryn Haluska– Guest Post for Friendships: Struggles, Humor, Triumphs and Angels Series

by Caryn Haluska When I originally agreed to write for this series, I had thought I would write about the friendships I lost as a result of the constant care required for my special needs son, Logan. However, as I started writing, and pondering my words, I kept thinking of instances before I was a mother, and before I was given the great opportunity of [...]

Guest Post – Caryn of Living With Logan

The following post has been generously written for you by Caryn of Living With Logan.  Caryn is the stay at home mother of 7 children, living in Southern Utah and devouring all the knowledge she can  in the speed of light. Her son Logan is diagnosed with high functioning Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Logan also has unexplained seizures and multiple severe allergies causing him [...]