Announcing The 2011 Friendships Series

Announcing The 2011 Friendships Series

Today is a New Year. A year like none other, carrying a name never carried before…2011. Happy New Year.

At the end of 2010, I had an opportunity to participate in a First Things First Series hosted/sponsored/created/developed by Hartley Steiner over at Hartleys Life With 3 Boys. For my contribution, I took an overall look at Friendships and how they’ve changed, morphed, disappeared and reformed in our new special needs life. It seemed a good way to kick of 2011, the largest single moment when everyone around the world will be determined, even if only for a few weeks, to make a positive change in their lives, by continuing the look at Friendships. So, I’m hosting my first series with highlighted guest bloggers.

Coming from different backgrounds and perspectives, each person tells a story of a struggle, humor, triumphs or angels. You’ll find yourself laughing, remembering, considering how friendships / relationships are formed, kept or forgiven in your own life. As for that post for First Things First, I invite you to read that here.

If you’d like to share the entire series with your readers, please grab the button below and put it on your site. You’ll find posts coming from:

Big Daddy Autism of Big Daddy Autism
Hartley Steiner of Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys
Renee Beauregard Founder of the XXYY Project
Caryn of Living With Logan
Jenny Ford of The World With Mismatched Socks
Joe Butler of The Ability Tree

…and more talented writers, bloggers, advocates and parents of children with special needs. I hope you enjoy the series (you can read the whole thing here). Please visit the guest bloggers and leave your thoughts about their posts as they are presented here on Special Happens. (Please note the ” ” in WP get changed, so after highlighting, copy and pasting the code below, replace the existing ” ” with yours for the code to work).

2011 Friendships Series Button

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About the Author:

Gina St. Aubin is a former Victim’s Advocate who now advocates for those with intellectual and physical challenges. Her eldest son is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep / Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (a rare epileptic disorder causing verbal aphasia) and Developmental Delays. In June, 2012, her son also underwent a successful hemispherectomy. Gina is the editor, author and owner of Special Happens, serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the SPD Foundation, and resides in Colorado where she is a mother of 3, wife, blogger, writer and special needs advocate.

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