Chasing Away Your Child’s Beige Diet Blues | Sensory Focus Magazine

Most of us can agree that our special needs children tend to be picky eaters.  That’s not to say they all are… but the majority of our children are simply picky when it comes to their eating habits.  Heck, even my NT daughter can be incredibly “choosy” about what she’s willing to consume.

Sensory_Focus_MagazineThis month, Sensory Focus Magazine was kind enough to allow me to share this article with you from their Fall 2013 issue.  It gives us some pointers / ideas (reinforcement that we’re not ‘bad parents’) on how to add a little color to our picky eaters bland food palates.

If you’d like even more help on helping your special needs kiddo eat healthier, check out this Special Diets for Special Kids.

Sensory Focus Magazine has provided this article for Special Happens readers.  This post is not sponsored and no compensation has been provided.  


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