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I love Easter. The egg hunts, new church clothes, baskets, Sunday dinner…. Easter is such a cheerful holiday. In keeping with tradition, my little ones do the town egg hunt, and we have Easter dinner on Sunday with as much family as we can begbribebotherharass get in the house. The monsters take my pots of chives and turn them into funky little centerpieces. The day is spent having “quality time”, with tiny people amped up on chocolate and jelly beans. Ah, yes. I can hardly wait!!

But as much as I love little chocolate Easter bunnies, I’m a baker at heart. So, Easter is yet another good excuse for me to find fun new things to make for my family to enjoy.  Strangely, none of the fam has ever complained about this…

This year, I was delighted to be able to play with a bunch of fun things from HERSHEY’S! Seriously, people. This was such a no brainer. Free chocolate? Make yummy stuff and take pictures and write about it? Absolutely I’ll do it!

I have fallen in love with this super easy, yet decadent chocolate recipe. Every time I make it, the Daddy tells me it’s the best thing he has ever put in his mouth. I don’t have the heart to tell him I only spent 5 minutes making it. It does take up to three hours to set up in the fridge, though. So,  I don’t have too much guilt when I thank him and tell him I spent three hours making it just for him. 😉 Here is all you need for this super simple, egg free dessert:

Faux Pots de Creme a la HERSHEY’S KISS

Let’s practice saying that, shall we? Poh deh Krem. Not Pots dee Kreem, not Pots dee Kreemy. Poh. Deh. Krem. Very good. Moving on. Here’s your ingredient list. Brace yourselves. It could be painful.

Pots de Creme a la Hershey Kiss

3/4c. whole milk

1/4c. butter, cubed

1- 11oz bag milk chocolate HERSHEY’S KISSES

Tools: measuring cups, small heavy saucepan, blender, 4- 4 ounce containers, with or without lids.


First.. a moment of silence for this bag of brave chocolate kisses, sacrificing themselves in the name of dessert. We salute you by licking our lips.  Next, unwrap all the kisses, except for 2. Have respect for the kisses, they are giving up their lives today to satisfy your chocolate craving. Do not disrespect the name of HERSHEY’S by substituting margarine for the butter listed. Every time you try that, a gorgeous milk chocolate kiss turns bittersweet and cranky. Just don’t. It’s better that way.  Also, don’t substitute skim milk for whole. It wont set up. And? If kisses were meant to be skinny? They would be made out of Brussels Sprouts, not chocolate. Ahem.  Moving on.

Put all the naked kisses (except the 2 you saved, remember? They should be fully clothed and patiently waiting over to the side somewhere) into the pitcher of your blender. Murmur kind, reassuring things to the kisses as you securely attach the pitcher to the blender base. Do not turn it on, yet.

Ok. Now that all but two of the kisses are shivering with fear and cold over there in your blender pitcher, put the milk and the butter in your small saucepan, and put it on the stove, at a low heat. We want to slowly bring the milk and butter to a boil. If we do this too quickly, the only thing we will have is a mess, so don’t get anxious. Do not turn up the heat. It should take several minutes for this tiny little amount of butter and milk to reach a boil. Stir frequently with a spatula, so the milk mixture won’t stick to the bottom of the pot and try to scorch. Once it has reached a full roiling boil that stirring won’t disrupt, pour the mixture over the naked kisses in the blender pitcher.

After putting the lid on the blender pitcher, rev that sucker up to warp speed for 2 minutes. You want to get everything incorporated and completely smooth as the chocolate melts. What you don’t want is little pieces of unmelted chocolate in this super easy, completely decadent dessert with the pretentious long name that I made up because it sounded all sophisticated and way more amazing than calling it “Chocolate Pudding”. Ahem… uh.. where was I? You’re going to blend the whole thing on “liquefy” until the ringing in your ears appears to be a permanent disability.

At that point,  turn off the blender and move like lightning over to your cute little containers. With your spatula, pour even amounts of Pots de Creme into each container, then put the containers in the refrigerator to set for at least three hours.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the two kisses I told you to save. NOW you may unwrap them and shove them both in your mouth at the same time, chew like a cow, and allow chocolately rivulets of drool to run down your chin. Why? Because you know and I know that you licked that spatula, and your fingers, and possibly the inside of that blender pitcher after you poured the Pots de Creme in your little containers. And if you don’t eat the kisses, you’ll be sticking your fingers in someone else’s dessert before it sets up. Ew.

Once the Pots de Creme has set up, dinner is over, and those two poor little sacrificial kisses are nothing but a distant memory, serve directly from the refrigerator, with fresh whipped cream garnishing the top. You’re really going to want that whipped cream… or even some vanilla ice cream.. to cut the richness of the chocolate. Otherwise it will be difficult to finish. And you know we can’t have that!

Ok. That was fun. We’ll call that the appetizer portion of our program. Because I have only just begun to play in the kitchen! Here’s a fun little cake you can make with the kids for Easter. It’s pretty, it’s fun, it’s super easy, and anyone can do this! I made a little border out of Cadbury Mini Eggs, but really, you could use jelly beans, Robin eggs, chocolate covered almonds, anything really.

Hersheys_2014_Pastel Easter CakeThis cake is so easy, it’s embarrassing. I made my white cake from scratch, but any box mix for white cake will do. You don’t want to use a yellow mix, or your colors will not come out the way you’d like. Mix up the white cake batter according to the directions on the back of the box. Then, separate the batter into four equal portions in cereal bowls. Add food coloring to each bowl to get your desired colors. Then, one at a time, pour the colored batter into your pans, one on top of the other, making sure to center the new color over the last. If you are using round pans, only use half the batter in each bowl, so you will have enough for both pans. Bake according to the mix directions. Decorate as desired. Once the cake is cut, it will appear tie dyed and festive, and everyone will say, “How did you do that?!”

There are so many treats and fun things for the small fry on holidays, I really try to make a bunch of fun things for the adults as well. After all, we *are* the ones that provide our billing addresses to the Easter Bunny. This last cake is a family favorite. HERSHEY’S Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. (I got it from the HERSHEY’S website years ago, but I’ll be darned if I can find it there again… but I did find another site with the recipe.) We call ours the Peanut Butter Cup Cake, because of the peanut butter frosting between the layers and the chocolate peanut butter frosting on the outside. I do use the Special Dark cocoa powder listed in the recipe, and I also add crunchy peanut butter to taste, to the frosting recipe listed below the cake recipe mentioned above.

Hersheys_2014_Peanut Butter Cup CakeI was surprised with the amount of things.  HERSHEY’S has online to help celebrate Easter. You will be, too. It’s not just about chocolate with these people. Impressive! It’s a one stop shop full of crafts, treats, helpful hints… just scads of fun, yet useful, stuff.  From hopscotch to robin egg wreaths that are pretty enough to eat, there are craft ideas for everyone. (I think I might have things ready for my monsters to do some of these crafts while I finish getting dinner ready. It will keep them out of the kitchen while I’m racing around putting the finishing touches on things.)

It gets even better! HERSHEY’S is just itching to share an assortment of Easter candy with you, just like they did with me! (and it was soooooooooo nummy, I can’t even tell you!)


This contributor received complimentary products from HERSHEY’S and a stipend from Global Influence for this post. 

(A special thank you to Bottdesign Ceramics for use of your handmade ceramics to highlight the delicious HERSHEY’S recipes.)

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Caryn Haluska
Caryn Haluska is the mother of 7 unique, cuddly monsters, lives in Southern Utah and is addicted to researching information and resources for special needs. Her son Logan is diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, unexplained seizures, and extreme food allergies leading to anaphylactic shock. He is on a very restrictive allergy induced diet (dairy, soy, corn, nut). His twin, #6, also has Sensory Processing Disorder. You can read more on her blog, Living With Logan, follow her on Facebook or Twitter. You may also send her an email.
Caryn Haluska
Caryn Haluska

29 Responses to Celebrate Easter With HERSHEY’S – Recipes and a #Giveaway for the #BunnyTrail

  1. Easter is one of my favorites. It’s steeped in tradition and has the joy of Spring. My favorite tradition is the egg hunt. Once my kids find all the eggs, they re-hide them for us to find. over and over. It’s a blast.
    The Choco-Berry Bavarian Cream looks amazing but has high potential for mine to fall far short of looking that nice. So I think I might the Chocolate Almond Macaroon bars instead.
    Happy Easter!

  2. We make the kids hunt for their baskets, the Easter bunny leaves eggs with clues around the house and it all leads to their baskets. They love it, we love it, it’s great!

    My favorite craft is the Road Rally Egg hunt, my boys love cars, and I know they would love this idea!

  3. My favorite tradition is coloring easter eggs with my children, my 4 year old says we need to start a new tradition of eating jelly beans while we decorate eggs this year :)
    I’d love to make the Easter Basket Cupcakes!

  4. We have a HUGE Easter egg hunt every year at my parents house! It is so much fun! Even the adults hunt!
    I think the Easter Basket Cupcakes are adorable!

  5. We love the egg hunt. Every year there seems to be one egg that takes forever to find! And ,ehm, the Easter Bunny can’t remember where he hid them all!

    The fudgey fruit pizza looks yummy & easy!

  6. My favorite Easter tradition is dying Easter eggs and my favorite recipe idea from the Hershey’s site is the Velvety Chocolate Cream Pie.

  7. My favorite Easter tradition is the Easter egg hunt. I can remember how much fun we had.My favorite recipe is the peanut butter bunnycakes. Not only are they cute, but the kids would have fun making them.

  8. My fav Easter tradition is having ham and a bowl of meatballs & raviolis (comes from the Hub’s family traditions). I like food. My fav Hershey’s recipe is the sugar cookies with a kiss or hug pressed into the middle-simple & yummy!

  9. the Malt Easter Bark Candy recipe looks yummy, and our easter tradition every year is gathering with family for a huge dinner, my fav is the honey baked ham!

  10. My favorite Easter tradition is participating in egg hunts! Even though I’m older I still find it fun! The Easter basket cupcakes are really cute I’m going to give it a try. *crossing my fingers*

  11. Our favorite tradition is after church, we have a big family dinner together. Of course, when my children were younger we did have Easter egg hunts..but those beautiful twin girls are now 30. Where did time go? Hershey kisses were and are still a big part of our Easter celebration.

  12. We Love to decorate eggs and then hide them for an Easter egg hunt. I like the sugar cookies with Hersey kisses.

  13. We have a huge Easter egg hunt for all Grandchildren and a Ham dinner at my Sister’s house. The Easter basket cupcakes are really cute and look like fun to try.

  14. My favorite Easter tradition is the Easter Egg hunt that we have at our house for our grandchildren, we look forward to it every year!! My favorite craft from the site is Race car with the Reese’s peanut butter egg and the rolo’s as wheels, so cute.

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