When Fun Happens to Parents Who Finally GET OUT

We got out!  We got dressed in our ‘going out’ clothes (after we dusted them off). Our only sitters my parents took on the kids in the evening routines (and you know how much that’s asking of someone), and we took off to relax and help raise funding and support for the SPD Foundation and STAR Center.

The silent auction was bountiful.  There was something for everyone and anyone.  Food and drinks were welcomed, as were the friends we talked with.  We did our part raising money too….

… and if you know us, you know there was a lot of laughter.

Buffet by William Hartz via Flickr

Especially when C’s FULL dinner plate (by my desired order of events), balanced on the first glass of wine, splashed into a tray of a saucy food topping in the middle of the buffet line.  As C predicted.  Silence.   Laughter.  The speed of a server coming to scoop out “the-food-that-did-not-belong”.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  The server did not approve.  We aren’t sure he ever discovered the silverware within.

We ate.  We laughed more with friends.  We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves, as we haven’t in a while.  Getting out to a relatively carefree event, is an event that escapes our usual life.  We dislike calling on my parents as they are the only people who truly understand our special home, and are willing to jump in at any time.  But this time, it was worth it.  The laughter alone was priceless.

Then the auctioneer came to us.  At our dinner table.  Amid our first “good time” in some time.

Are you having a good time?

YES!”  We all answer.  Laughing in the middle of whatever we were laughing at.

Well, I can hear you all the way over there…” she points to a spot on the other side of the room.  Our grins are wide.  We aren’t necessarily surprised that she could hear us.  Curious.  

…and it disrupts the people who are trying to hear what I’m saying…

Oh.  Oops!

Eh… it was still worth it!

When was the last time you got out?

Gina St. Aubin
Gina St. Aubin is a former Victim’s Advocate who now advocates for those with intellectual and physical challenges. Her eldest son is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep / Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (a rare epileptic disorder causing verbal aphasia) and Developmental Delays. In June, 2012, her son also underwent a successful hemispherectomy. Gina is the editor, author and owner of Special Happens, serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the SPD Foundation, and resides in Colorado where she is a mother of 3, wife, blogger, writer and special needs advocate. You can reach Gina through various Special Happens connections on Facebook and Twitter, or email her directly.
Gina St. Aubin
Gina St. Aubin

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