Some of the BEST Autism / Aspergers / SPD Books in the Community – #Giveaway by Future Horizons and Special Happens

“It is our strong belief that every child and adult with autism can improve and contribute to the lives of those who love them and, in many ways, contribute to society.”

R. Wayne Gilpin, President Future Horizons Inc., the World Leader in Books, DVDs, and Conferences on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome


By this point, we are all familiar with books on Autism, Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder; but, did you realize that the majority of these informational and enlightening readings are published by Future Horizons? Future Horizons is committed to meeting the needs of teachers, therapists, and family members who face the challenge of autism with the most current information possible.

April is Autism Awareness MonthThis month, Future Horizons, Inc. has partnered with Special Happens in recognizing the importance of Autism Awareness Month by donating various titles to Special Happens readers! On April 30th, 10 LUCKY readers will have the chance to choose their “wish list” book (1) from what I have selected (below) from the extensive Future Horizons Library.


My Selected Titles:

  1. Asperger’s In PinkJulie Clark
  2. Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism – Maria Wheeler
  3. Ten Things Every child with Autism Wishes You Knew – Ellen Notbohm
  4. No More Meltdowns – Jed Baker
  5. The Social Skills Picture Book (High School & Beyond) – Jed Baker
  6. The Social Skills Picture Book (Teaching Play, Emotion, and Communication to Children with Autism) – Jed Baker
  7. The Way I See It – Temple Grandin
  8. Different… Not Less… – Temple Grandin
  9. Special Diets for Special Kids – Lisa Lewis
  10. Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom – Beth Aune, Beth Burt, Peter Gennaro

Christmas in April? No…Future Horizons and Special Happens celebration of Autism! Now to answer what’s on your mind…how can you win!?


Here it is, nice and simple – ways you can enter:

  • Name the “wish list” book from the selections above that you’d love to get your hands on and why (MANDATORY)
  • Follow Future Horizons on Facebook and comment about it below (optional)
  • Follow Future Horizons on Twitter and comment about it below (optional)
  • Keep up to date with Special Happens via Facebook, Twitter, RSS/Email, Pinterest, Google+, or Networked Blogs and comment about it below (optional)
  • Tweet, FB or otherwise spread news of this giveaway and place the link below (optional and unlimited)

Winners to be announced: April 30th.
Good luck and THANK YOU to Future Horizons Inc.
Future Horizons 

P.S. If you don’t want to wait, you can order any Future Horizon book or conference at 15% off with a code just for Special Happens Readers! Just enter the code “SPECIAL” at checkout!



Daily Woman, Vera, Kim, Liz C., and Nita Barnes

… you’ve ALL won 2 books from Future Horizons.  Please choose two books from the list above, send me the names of the books along with your mailing address and Future Horizons will be thrilled to send these out to you.  (specialhappens -at- gmail -dot- com).

Congratulations and Thank You for participating….
Bird…I’m sending you yours as a gift from me!


17 Responses to Some of the BEST Autism / Aspergers / SPD Books in the Community – #Giveaway by Future Horizons and Special Happens

  1. I would be personally interested in Dr Grandin’s “The Way I See It.” She has so many insights to offer those of us struggling with the “why” of behaviors in our children and she delivers it firsthand. I believe it would be an invaluable resource in helping my 8 year old daughter. Maybe there’s even something that touches upon dealing with the hormone changes that will soon be coming! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I am following Future Horizons on Facebook. I am also following Special Happens on Facebook and Pinterest. I am also following Special Happens through an RSS feed

  3. This request is for my daughter, not me. My son is almost 17, and has Asperger’s. We’ve been through a lot with him.

    And now my daughter and her family are starting their own journey with our grandson. He’ll be 7 in July, and is getting evaluated for autism next week.

    I think she’d like the book on Toilet Training, as he is still having accidents at home and at school.

    I’ll always be just a phone call away when she needs information or support, but I never had to deal with the toilet training problems she’s experiencing.

    I follow Special Happens through Google Reader.

    Thank you!

  4. Following you via Facebook – would love to win “The Way I See It” – Temple Grandin – I have a 10 yr old Aspie :)

  5. I would love the Different not less book. I listened to a blog radio show yesterday about this book and it sounds wonderful.

  6. I dont seemy mandatory entry now so just to be sure it goes through,
    I would love Different Not Less.
    I listened to a blog radio show about this book and it was great.

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