Bubble Up For Spring with Imperial Toys Spring Bubble Line

Spring is here and summer’s right around the corner.  Not only am I looking for activities inside the house, but I’m also looking for even more fun outdoor activities to do when we’re home, which includes things like sidewalk chalk and bubbles….oh the bubbles!  

Imperial Toys BubblesMy kids LOVE bubbles, so I was thrilled when Imperial Toys offered to let my kiddos loose with bubble packs from the Spring Bubble line.  The kids got a chance to play with the Super Miracle® Bubbles Bubble Turnbine , KAOS® Tie Not Filler w/ 50 Water Bombs, Super Miracle® Bubbles Glow Fusion Bubble Solution, the KAOS® Cyclops, and the Super Miracle® Bubbles Glow Fusion with Hi-Beam Illuminator Bubble Blaster.  

J playing with bubbles

One of the first things I noticed about the products was the quality.  Flimsy, plastic materials are many times used with children’s toys, especially outdoor toys however, all of the products we received were of great quality, made from sturdy materials.  Packaging was easy to open (which is incredibly important when you have impatient kiddos waiting to play).  Other points include:

B playing with Bubbles

    • Balloons weren’t made of cheap material and didn’t tear and pop through simple handling of filling with water.
    • The launcher (Cyclops) is very sturdy and does help you launch your water balloons to a much further distance than throwing alone.
    • The Cyclops was also a hit with us because it was a simple single handed toy that J was easily able to use.

The Turnbine was also a fun one-handed toy.

  • Tie Not Filler has a valve to help regulate the amount of water going into the balloons
  • Hi-Beam Illuminator is just plain AWESOME! with a bright blue light and soft noise when releasing bubbles.

The hits for us were the Cyclops launcher and the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution.  The kids had a blast with the Glow Fusion.  At first, we all were looking for the bubbles to literally glow.  Though we hadn’t found that to happen, we did finally notice that every place the bubbles popped glowed.  Wonderful!  Especially when your kids start popping the bubbles on themselves to get the glow…then proceed to running around screaming with joy of how they were glowing.  (Not to worry, a simple warm wash cloth takes it right off).

With these items as an example of what Imperial Toys has for the Spring Bubble line, Spring (and summer) will be a blast with more from their line.

O playingThis review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

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