Sunday Special Comics – How Kids View EEG's – 06-12-2011

How Kids View EEGs

Sunday Special Comics on 06-12-2011


Sunday Special Comics

From my life, this is the scene, my belly laugh unforeseen. I published it here, and linked to it there where Sunday Special Comics every Sunday do appear. This is posted as part of Sunday Special Comics • Highlighting the Humor in Life on Special Happens.

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3 Responses to Sunday Special Comics – How Kids View EEG's – 06-12-2011

  1. Katrina says:

    I love this Gina! Why haven’t I seen this before?

    You know what we need? A comics version explaining what epilepsy is – I’d show it and print it for teachers and doctor’s offices! You should do that! I’d buy it from you!


    “My head is broken” ROTFL – I think Andy said something similar once during one of his EEGs. :-)

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