The Question of Legacy of The Special Needs Parent – An original poem

Legacy Photo by Kevin Dooley / FlickrSometimes I wonder
in times spent alone
mind adrift to things
less important, yet I own

Maybe not less
because it’s the central of me
my mind drifts to wonder
to thoughts of my legacy

Everyone has them
maybe not young, not quite old
those in the middle
old enough to know

that when we pass on
life moves forward as it should
we’re left as imprints,
this piece is understood

some leave greatness
some queens, some volunteers
ones who serve others
ones shedding the silent tears

actors given false regards
authors and poets somewhere behind
but the mother of a child, a special one
by views of legacies, life is blind

But isn’t it we who shun all the bad
take into our arms the ones we have had
or another child needing love, affection and guidance
we give them the whole of our soul, hence…

I return to this moment,
this selfish thought of time to pass
No time to resent
knowing this legacy is greater, alas

I get to be the one
given the gift of previous few
In his eyes, I see the shine
as I tell him I love him for life through and through.

© Gina St. Aubin

(Photo By: Kevin Dooley / Flickr)

Gina St. Aubin
Gina St. Aubin is a former Victim’s Advocate who now advocates for those with intellectual and physical challenges. Her eldest son is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep / Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (a rare epileptic disorder causing verbal aphasia) and Developmental Delays. In June, 2012, her son also underwent a successful hemispherectomy. Gina is the editor, author and owner of Special Happens, serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the SPD Foundation, and resides in Colorado where she is a mother of 3, wife, blogger, writer and special needs advocate. You can reach Gina through various Special Happens connections on Facebook and Twitter, or email her directly.
Gina St. Aubin
Gina St. Aubin

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    • Thanks Kat. I’m usually not a “poetry” writer…but somehow have had words ringing as songs for some time…thought I’d stop trying to ignore them.

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