All About Autism • Week 4 Giveaways…The Reveal

All About Autism Giveaway - Week 4The Week 4 Giveaway from Ruckus Media Group is the last weekly prize to be given in celebration of a month that’s All About Autism. There’s no video today as my nights are filled with random minutes of sleep tucked in between the wakings of children. Tired, as we all are, no one needs to see me on camera!

Thank you everyone for participating and I hope to see (or tweet with) you at the Twitter Party on May 1st! For the record, I am allowing people to receive and enter multiple giveaways…sometimes people are lucky…who am I to stand in their way. Plus, we have a ton of giveaways from the very generous sponsors of All About Autism, so I’m sure everyone (eventually) will win…

This week’s winner is….Lisa!

Congratulations Lisa! I’ll be sending an email your way, as well as to Ruckus Media Group letting them know you’re their Week 4 Giveaway Winner!

See everyone at the Twitter Party!

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