"Grab A Shovel" by Big Daddy Autism – Guest Post for: Friendships: Struggles, Humor, Triumphs and Angels Series

by Big Daddy Autism

Big Daddy is about to impart upon you everything you need to know about friendship. In my mind you have acquaintances, bearable co-workers, more-than-waving-neighbors, hobby specific friends, and then you have truly deeply committed friendships.

The deep friendships are those I call “shovel ready.” These are the people that, when you call them up at 3:00 AM and tell them you have a dead body in the trunk of your car, their first (and only response) is, “I’ll grab my shovel.”

I have only one shovel ready friend in the world – my wife. My daughter, who is 10,is coming up the ranks real fast, but I would never ask her to bury a body with me. Although we would have a good time doing it if I did.

This subject got me imagining what that hypothetical phone call in the wee hours of the morning would actually look like if it became a reality. This is how I envision the reaction to the “dead body in the trunk phone call” would go at the Big Daddy Home.

My wife would grab her shovel and a Pepsi and run out the door in her PJs. She, of course, would have to go back inside and search frantically for her keys.

My daughter would put on the perfect grave digging outfit with matching hat and purse. She would also grab her flashlight since every contraption that emits light in our house seems to migrate to her room.

Griffin, my autistic 13 year old son, would call the authorities and go back to sleep.

Big Daddy is the genius behind BigDaddyAutism.com. He spends his days Tweeting, enjoying his kids, doing crossword puzzles, riding elevators, yelling at the TV, thinking about what to eat for lunch, and trying to get his humorous book about his autistic son published. He has several very nice tattoos which his mother pretends don’t exist.


How many shovel ready friends do you have?

Gina @ Special Happens

Look for more posts exploring friendships from various Guests through the month of January.

15 Responses to "Grab A Shovel" by Big Daddy Autism – Guest Post for: Friendships: Struggles, Humor, Triumphs and Angels Series

  1. Wait a minute…when did you install the cameras in my house? The similarities are striking: a 10-year-old daughter and an autistic son. Ours is not quite 13 yet and he was diagnosed with Asperger’s (which I understand is going to be listed under Autism Spectrum Disorder in the new DSM) in 2009. Nice to know we’re not alone.

    Although I’m pretty sure my son would just sleep through that phone call.

  2. I love the concept! Having gone through a series of life-altering events recently, I’ve been fortunate to discover which of my “shovel-ready friends” were simply carrying the plastic toy shovels that break the first time you actually try to dig real dirt with them, and which have the serious, professional, could-dig-a-thousand-impromptu-graves-strong shovels. It’s nice to know.

    • Hi Dena~ Thanks for commenting. Yes…but sometimes you have friends that have plastic shovels that break, they toss them aside and dig with their hands…I don’t have any…but I’m sure they exist…right? LOL.

      • Well, I’ll let you know if any of them come back to me with dirt under their nails. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the ones with the heavy-duty shovels… in spades :-)

  3. Very cute and very true! I am very fortunate to have a few shovel ready friends! :) But, what I find interesting is I didn’t think of hubby when identifying them. He would grab a shovel, but he would definitely have something more to say!

    Great start to the series!

  4. I “think” I have at least 3 shovel ready friends. But I’m always shovel ready for the friends that count.

    Great blog as always BD!!!!

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