Gluten-Free + Casein Free = I Need A Job

Grocery Store IsleI just finished supplemental – turned staple – shopping for our new Gluten Free / Casein Free eating. The Gluten Free items we already had in our home, but moving to Casein Free added a whole other dimension; and I learned a few things:

  1. How wide open the world was when we were “only” Gluten Free
  2. I’m going to be in the kitchen cooking – a lot….and I don’t cook
  3. I need a job just to pay for our food

Are you following any restrictions in your household? What are your thoughts on it?

3 Responses to Gluten-Free + Casein Free = I Need A Job

  1. I remember how that was. I tried the GFCF diet with my son, but it didn’t help. One thing I remember is the amount of time it took me to do a simple shopping trip. I had to read all of the labels very carefully. Hi from the Special Needs Blog Hop.

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